Galaxy of Happiness, a super trimaran

Galaxy of Happiness
Galaxy of Happiness, photo Marina Maistrello

Starship? No way! What you see in the picture is Galaxy of Happiness. It is a super trimaran of 53 meters launched in 2016 by Latitude Yachts and is a real super boat. At the beginning of her career, she was the biggest trimaran in the world. Now the title “largest trimaran in the world” has passed to the superyacht White Rabbit, launched in 2018. Now owner and guests enjoy their summer holidays in Tuscany, in Baratti, where he was photographed by our reader Marina Maistrello.

Galaxy of Happiness

Galaxy of Happiness, the super trimaran, is 53 meters long, has a draught of 2 meters and is equipped with two MTU 16V diesel engines of 2600 total. The lines certainly don’t go unnoticed and you don’t see such a yacht every day. Designed by Jean-Jacques Coste, it is one of the most iconic motor boats in the world.

If you want to go fast, you can: despite its size, its top speed is 30 knots. The real strength, however, is the cruising range: 2300 nautical miles at 24 knots. It can accommodate up to 6 people with 6 crew members.

Galaxy of Happiness
Galaxy of Happiness, photo Marina Maistrello

The advantages of a trimaran

The fact that it is a trimaran allows it to consume less than a classic monohull. According to an estimate it uses up to 40% less energy to reach the same speed as a classic yacht. Despite this it is also more stable and comfortable, again for reasons of form.


The stepsister of the most beautiful boat in the world, Adastra

Last year we told you about an exceptional boat for sale: the Adastra motor trimaran. The similarity with the giant Galaxy of Happiness is evident, even though Adastra is “only” 42.5 meters. The first owner was transport king the 70-year-old Antony Marden who had it built in 2012 by McConaghy Boats to a design by John Shuttleworth.



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