G-Fifty: this 80 knots open is the heir to a Sonny Levi cult powerboat


One of the most talked-about boats of the summer is G-Cinquanta, the powerboat commissioned by Gianni Agnelli in 1967. In July it returned to the headlines for being auctioneer for monstre € 450,000 (CLICK HERE). Now the legend continues with the G-Fifty, a 14-meter carbon-fiber open yacht, very fast (top speed estimated 80 knots), and good seaworthiness.

G-Fifty, the heir to the cult G-Cinquanta by Sonny Levi

The Levi Designs studios and PMP Design (Pasquale Mario Passalacqua) have taken up such an important project after more than 50 years. The purpose? To revive a myth by bringing all the technical improvements that today’s technology allows. The base of the G-Fifty still bears the imprint of Renato “Sonny” Levi. In 2016 Sonny designs a new hull with outstanding performance and seaworthiness.

G-Fifty, the heir technologically at the top of the G-Cinquanta

When it was born, in 1967, the G-Cinquanta had certainly avant-garde solutions, but compatible with the technologies of the time. Today the 4 BPM Vulcano engines, two shaft-line and two with V Drive transmission, would certainly not be the best. In those days, in fact, the power of petrol did not exceed 500 hp. Today, for reasons of efficiency, a twin of engines is the best solution, with engines able to deliver over 1500 horsepower.

G-Fifty levi

The fascination of mahogany lamellar, futuristic in the days of the G-Cinquanta, today also gives way to carbon fiber by optimizing structures with FEM analysis. So the G-Fifty is in all respects in the mark drawn by Sonny Levi, but with all the improvements that today’s technology guarantees.

G-Fifty, a myth like the Porsche 911

When you go to modify a cult project there is always a percentage of risk. From the automotive, but also from the nautical world, we have examples of myths that are reinterpreted with the evolution of time, habits, and technologies. The Porsche 911 is a well-known example of a car that has been modified a lot of times and still has the same charm. Another one can be given by Gozzi 2.0 by Mimì who convinced the public at Genoa Boat Show with some very brave choices.

The goal of Levi Designs and PMP Design is to create a modern boat whose spirit and family feeling of the G-50,  unmistakable. Thus was born the new G-Fifty.

Boat specification: G-Fifty

  • LOA: 14.6 m
  • B.max: 3.4 m
  • Engines: 2x Mercury Racing 600 SCI (or other)
  • Propulsion: Mercury Racing XR Sport Master
  • Hull Design: Levi Designs
  • Styling and Interior Design: PMP Design



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