G. Cinquanta owned by Gianni Agnelli sold for 450.000 €

sonny levi G Fifty
Remi Dargegen ©2020 Courtesy of RM Sotheby’s

Auctions are popular in the nautical world. One of the latest illustrious sales is Gianni Agnelli’s G. Cinquanta. We do not know the identity of the new owner, but it is very likely that you will see him sailing along the Neapolitan coast according to some rumors.

The G. Cinquanta by Gianni Agnelli sold at auction

It was 1967 when the entrepreneur Gianni Agnelli introduced himself to Renato “Sonny” Levi, one of the fathers of modern motorboats. “I need a fast commuter – says the lawyer – comfortable in rough seas and able to reach at least 55 knots. You know, I’d like to get to the finish line of an offshore race… before the winner.”

Remi Dargegen ©202020 Courtesy of RM Sotheby’s

Now the G. Cinquanta has been sold by RM Sotheby’s auction house for €450,000. Gianni Agnelli called it the “perfect boat” and the reason easy to understand. The Sonny Levi hull combined with four Vulcano BPM engines (two shaft line transmissions forward and two V drives) for a total of 1280 horsepower pushed (and still pushes) this fast boat at 50 knots. Hence the name G., which stands for Gianni, and Cinquanta, which are the knots (Fifty) that this powerboat can reach.

top 10 boats G 50
The famous Levi G-50 by Gianni Agnelli

To govern it, Pininfarina designed an ad hoc wheelhouse and also took care of the interior, two small beds and a toilet.

History has it that, after 2,000 miles navigating in one season Gianni Agnelli said to Sonny Levi that he had created the “perfect boat” for him.

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