Fresh water even for small boats with this watermaker


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Osmosea New 12

Shower in the boat whenever you want, without having to say “please use little.” At Milan Yachting Week – The digital boat show there is a product that solves the problem of fresh water on board for boats of any size, including small, sail or motor boats. You can find it at the Osmosea booth.

Osmosea New 12

It is called Osmosea New 12 and it is an innovative desalinator that you can find here and you only have to scroll through the technical specifications to understand that the desalinator, once the privilege of large boats, is now within the reach of every boat, even without having to install a heavy, expensive, bulky, polluting power generator.

On-board batteries are enough to get fresh water

You’ll want to look now at how Osmosea made the New 12 to realize how it works with its patented pressure intensification system, which allows up to 80 percent energy recovery. Thus power can be supplied directly from on-board batteries without installing new ones. And without a generator.

A small desalinator that produces lots of water

There is another feature of Osmosea New 12 that makes it unique, its size and weight. They range from the smallest model, S25, with 25 liters/hour (660 per day!) that weighs only 24 kg. Among the seven models that reach up to 150 liters/hour (3,600 per day!) we recommend the S65, which weighs only 36 kg and provides 65 liters/hour (1560 per day).

You connect it to the on-board instrumentation

Osmosea New 12 you can connect it to the onboard display because it is compatible with the communication system that all marine electronic instruments have, the NMEA 2000. But if you don’t need it, it already has its own simple control panel.

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Find out how Osemosea engineers created the New 12, the only watermaker with the patented energy recovery system, by visiting the product’s booth at Milan Yachting Week now by clicking directly here:

You will also be able to dialogue directly with Osmosea’s experts via email or whatsapp, and perhaps go and see it live by booking an appointment.





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