That’s why Frauscher made an 8 meters electric catamaran – INTERVIEW


An electric catamaran named TimeSquare 20 is the latest boat launched by Frauscher. 20 as the square meters of floor space on a boat that is 8 meters long. We interviewed Mauro Feltrinelli, CEO Cantiere Nautico Feltrinelli, and Stephan Frauscher, CEO of Frauscher, and asked them a few questions:

  • why an electric catamaran
  • the advantages of this choice

And why electric and catamarans are an interesting pair? Find out in this interview, click here to watch the video.

TimeSquare 20, the electric catamaran of Frauscher

Will the future be electric? Maybe. In the meantime, progress also passes through even more high-performance hulls, through new types of propulsion.

“We wanted to make a boat – explains Stephan Frauscherthat would allow us to use less energy”.

“Electric or classic engine? – asks Mauro FeltrinelliIt is not a war, but two complementary choices.”

Click here to watch the video



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