FPT Industrial at 277.5 km/h: the world’s fastest diesel engine

In March this boat and its engine entered the Guinness Book of Records after reaching 277.5 km/h on Lake Como. The propulsion was developed by FPT Industrial while the FB studio of Fabio Buzzi was responsible for the design. The engine is the Cursor 16 which, with its record-breaking hull developed by Fabio Buzzi. From the world of agricultural industry the C16 has been rethought in marine version reaching 1,700 horsepower and after the performance on Lake Como became the fastest marine diesel in the world, beating the previous record, established by Buzzi himself in 1992. A record-breaking boat born from the partnership between two leading companies, which have been working together for the past 35 years.

FPT Industrial C16 1000: the record engine for pleasure craft

On this first day of Cannes, FPT Industrial unveiled its new marine engine, the Cursor 16 1000. This is the standard version of the record-breaking C16, but it has many interesting features. The C16 1000 has been designed especially for pleasure craft (yachts and mega yachts) and makes compactness and lightness its strengths; in fact, it is the only 16-litre engine with the same dimensions as a 13-litre engine. It develops a maximum power of 1,000 hp at 2,300 rpm which, combined with its reduced weight, gives this engine a very good weight/power ratio (0.59 hp/kg). These features, translated into performance, say higher cruising speed and higher top speed, along with a good predisposition for gliding. As far as the environment is concerned, the C16 1000 has been built in compliance with the strictest emission standards, as well as the other engines of FPT Industrial.


Here is the most powerful diesel engine in the world, the C16, on the boat that set the record on Lake Como in March 2018



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