Fishing in a rib: the top from the Joker and Yamaha


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There is no shortage of solutions in terms of boats for sport fishing. And not only the classic fisherman, but also lowered specifically for fishing. And the top according to Joker and Yamaha is Barracuda 650, born from their collaboration. This rib aims to be appreciated not only by fishermen, but also by “classic” yachtsmen.

All the advantages of rib

Going fishing with the rib is an interesting trend, but what are the advantages? Here’s 5

  • good stability and safety
  • quick handling
  • held by the sea
  • speed
  • operating costs

Thus was born the new project Joker Boat empowered by Yamaha and instrumented Raymarine, a project born from a passion for the sea and fishing, listening to the needs and experiences of fishermen.

The Joker Barracuda 650 is 6.70 metres long overall, with an internal length of 5.45 metres. The deck maintains a bivalent configuration, not only for fishing, but also for the use of the vehicle with family or friends for excursions along the coast.
It can be towed (2.55 metres wide), which expands its range of touring uses, it can be motorised as a single-engine outboard vehicle with up to 225 horsepower and can carry up to 12 people.

The engines

Three solutions developed by Yamaha for this Joker in collaboration with Raymarine.

  • F225F – which is part of the High Power Range series, a V6 with 24 valves, VCT and electronic Drive-by-Wire handcuffs;
  • F200G – 2.8-litre four-cylinder engine equipped with VCT and also with digital electronic accelerator and gearbox
  • F175A –  derived from the same thermal group of the F200G, but less powerful and not equipped with VCT.


At 6000 rpm the rib – with the intermediate 200 hp engine it reached 42 knots with a consumption of 70 liters per hour.  On the other hand, sailing at around 26 knots with the engine at 4,000 rpm, the hourly consumption is around 29 litres/hour, also guaranteeing a good range.

The boat with this motorization is at around 10 knots at 2,500 rpm and at idle, inserting the trolling valve, allows you to tow at 2.8 knots without tiring the engine, an extra skill very interesting for those who practice the technique of towing with the live. 

For fishing: Joker Barracuda 650

The bow and stern have in common a single design rationality that converges on maximum exploitation of the available centimetres. The bow is bi-valent, as it includes fishing accessories two built-in rod holders, a watertight straw tank with removable interior to bring the catch to the ground. All convertible for family use in partial or complete solarium depending on whether you opt for the only trapezoidal cushion or that you add an optional extension.

Live bait tank

  • the first live bait tank under the front marching seat
  • the second largest live bait tank, is in the cockpit with inside water recirculation system equipped with timer

The cockpit is large (135 cm x 105 cm up to the live pool) and allows more than one person to fish at the same time without hindrance. The 63 cm high walls make it easier to stand up and recover the prey under the edge, while the edges from 15 to 30 cm wide facilitate the installation of additional rod holders bracket or built-in, but also a sink with tap.

During fishing

All this made possible by the adoption of fiberglass walls. It is also worth noting the presence of perimeter padding that facilitates the combat phases, the doors that allow the inspection of the on-board equipment, the tap for the supply of salt water through a high-pressure lance, a locker in the middle with a lock, large and long to store barrels or refuses away from prying eyes.



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