Fisherman, here’s how to see in front of you and below you in the boat

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Seeing in real time under your own boat, in high definition, until a few years ago would have looked like science fiction. Today, however, it is reality and to launch it is Garmin who has unveiled the Panoptix LiveScope LVS12, a transducer of the latest generation that you can bring to the eyes of those who are on the boat everything that is in front of or under the boat.

So from the boat you always have everything “on sight”

What is the use of such a technology for? Its objective is twofold, thanks to the two functions. The first is the LiveScope Down (under the boat) that was born with the idea is to give those who go by boat an exact and extremely realistic perception of the structures and fish that are under the surface of the water. In particular, when the boat is stationary it will be very easy to see the fish that are approaching or moving away.

The other is the LiveScope Forward (in front of the boat) that provides real-time accurate and detailed images of everything in front of your boat, such as moving fish or any type of structure.

The two technologies can be used either individually or simultaneously without any manual adjustment of the transducer. So, depending on the type of fishing you want to do, you can set the most suitable technology directly from the display of the chartplotter Garmin Marine compatible.

And when is the boat in motion?

An integrated AHRS sensor allows you to continuously update the signal to compensate for the movement of the boat due to wave motion. And what does that mean? A stable and sharp image, precise even in rough sea conditions. Thanks to the plug-and-play connector, installation is easy, as is integration with compatible Garmin Marine chartplotters. Compatibility with the Garmin Marine Network also allows you to share high-definition images to more than one Garmin Marine chartplotter connected to the network. In general, it is compatible with Garmin Marine GPSMAP 8400 chartplotters.



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