The only boat ever built by Ferrari is now for sale

It was 1953 when the Ferrari Arno XI Hydroplane built by the Timossi shipyards reached 242.70 km/h on Lake Iseo, becoming the fastest boat weighing up to 900 kg, with a record still unbeaten. Here is the Ferrari of water. Today this coveted collector’s item is on sale after being purchased by the last owner for a million and a half pounds.

Read here the story of Ferrari’s only boat

Ferrari and the legend in motor boats

Legend has it that in 1952 the champion Achille Castoldi approached the Timossi Shipyards to build a hydroplane with the aim of breaking the speed record in the 800 kg class. When Enzo Ferrari learned that the upper body of the boat had been painted red, he got in touch with the company hoping to help through the Ferrari Formula 1 team. After several unsuccessful attempts by Stefano Meazza, Scuderia Ferrari’s chief engineer, modified the already powerful Ferrari V-12 engine developed to run on methanol, allowing for much higher engine compression in combination with two compressors and two carburettors. The resulting boat, the Arno XI, was a missile. In 1953 she reached a top speed of 150.49 mph (242.70 km/h), a record that is still unbeaten today.

Ferrari’s record boat is for sale: here’s where to find it

The Arno XI is the only boat to have been officially motorized by the Italian car manufacturer and for this reason its restoration was handled by Ferrari Classiche. The unique boat is now available for purchase exclusively through duPont Registry. Now you just have to contact the dealer and ask for a quote, but be careful: given the history of the boat could be a record even that!



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