Fata Morgana, the “iceberg superyacht”

An iceberg, or rather its melting, inspired a boat. It is precisely the shape and colour that remind us of a large piece of floating ice. Aesthetic tastes aside, it’s a yacht that doesn’t leave you indifferent, as its creator probably hopes: George Lucian.

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A $110 million iceberg to raise awareness around the world

Fata Morgana is a 70-metre superyacht project (costing 110 million dollars) that was created to raise world awareness of the problem of climate change and ice melting at the North Pole, its natural habitat. This explorer has been specially designed to navigate and charter in the Arctic areas, including the north-west passage, which is now much easier to navigate due to the melting of the ice caps.

Who’s behind this project? The Monegasque designer and artist George Lucian, already known for his extraordinary projects, in the literal sense of the word. Created to adapt perfectly to the Arctic landscape, the superyacht Fata Morgana has a bow similar to a partially snow-covered rock formation, and the stern of the yacht with a glass structure that looks like an iceberg.

The structure

The hull of the yacht is ice class, framed in the Arctic waters. On board we find the main saloon and VIP suites that offer an incredible and unobstructed view of the sky and its surroundings. The rest of the yacht has all the features of a superyacht of this size and can accommodate up to 12 guests and 18 crew members, an outdoor swimming pool, a telescopic/sky observatory just above the bridge and a heliport. The superyacht has a range of + 7,000 nm and can also sail with the help of the kite for long distance travel.

For the environment

The yacht is designed to sail in the most environmentally friendly way possible in terms of waste and emissions. The yacht will then be equipped with devices that constantly monitor the temperature and composition of the ocean and transmit it constantly to the relevant international organizations. The project’s renderings also include a version of the boat with a kite surfing style. 



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