F20G, an outboard engine for family and fishing

Yamaha F20 barca

The great development of outboards does not only concern purebreds of over 300 horses. At the Paris Motor Show that is taking place in these days was presented the latest born of Yahama, the F20G, which in a small space hides a huge work of technological development.

Funny at sea, comfortable on land
Yamaha F20 barche a motore

First, the F20G is a versatile marine engine, suitable for a myriad of uses and applications. If at sea the performance is very interesting, the attention has not been missed on the part “on land”. An outboard of this type must be easily transportable and stowable. How to do that?

  • Lightening of the overall weight
  • Carrying handle
  • Support supports at key points

The F20G is designed for short family cruise or fishing trips, and for this reason particular attention has been paid to safety: how? First of all thanks to the electronic injection system (EFI) without battery. This feature makes it possible to start the engine easily even in the most complicated situations, also thanks to the starting solutions that coexist simultaneously in the engine: electric, manual and electric/manual. The rudder bar has a gearbox control in the front position, which makes it easily accessible to the driver. All the parts on which the rudder “puts his hand” are large and easy to handle so as to make driving and manoeuvring easier.

And for fishing?

The integrated system with adjustable idle speed (VTS) not only provides a lower minimum than normal, but also allows you to adjust it in simple steps of 50 rpm, ideal for fishing. This system is available as standard on the F20G models with rudder bar, and as an option on those with remote control.

Technical feature

  • Modello: F20G
  • Motore: 4 tempi • 2 cilindri • 4 valvole • SOHC
  • Cilindrata: 432cc
  • Potenza all’albero dell’elica: 14,7 kW a 5.500 giri/min
  • Range operativo a piena potenza: 5.000 – 6.000 giri/min
  • Sistema di induzione del carburante: Iniezione elettronica del carburante (EFI)
  • Capacità coppa dell’olio (litri): 1,1
  • Sistema di avviamento: manuale (MH), manuale/elettrico(WH), elettrico (E, EP)
  • Comando (opzioni): barra timone (MH, WH), controllo a distanza (E, EP)
  • Sistema Trim and Tilt: Power Tilt (EP) (opzione) • Sollevamento manuale (MH, E, WH)
  • Peso a secco con elica (kg): 56 (E)



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