How much the for the 150-horsepower Evoy electric outboard


evoy outboard motor
The 150 hp Evoy outboard in the version with the X-Long Range battery pack


The 150-hp Evoy electric outboard is almost ready. This engine hasn’t been officially launched yet, but the first batch has already sold out. The first electric outboards will arrive in 2021 while the manufacturer is already working on sales of the second and third batches. It should be considered that the sales (for now) only concern Norway.

Evoy 150-horsepower electric outboard price

In the manufacturer’s website is now available the section for the configuration of the engine. Based on your type of boat they recommend the most suitable propulsion for the boat and type of sailing. With the normal battery (Normal Range) Evoy estimates this performance:

  • Continuous Power: 120 hp – 90 kW
  • Peak Power: 200 hp – 150 kW
  • Total weight (outboard and batteries): 600 kg
  • Autonomy: 19 miles at 25 knots

All of these figures, however, depend heavily on the weight and shape of the hull.

The new Evoy batteries

The batteries have an energy density of 166 watt-hours per kg based on 2170 cells that will also be available for inboard systems. The batteries have about 3,000 recharge cycles and are available in two other versions

The long range battery, with a total weight of 1000 kg estimates a range of up to 38 nautical miles. The X-Long range version should reach 57 miles of autonomy, but with a weight of 1,400 kg on board. The shipyard estimates that with this outboard system, the payback time for an active sailor is typically less than four years. So the initial investment is paid back several times over the life of the system.

Evoy electric outboard price (with batteries)

The price, excluding VAT, of this system in the basic version, i.e. the electric outboard plus the Normal Range battery pack is 698,000 Norwegian kroner. In euros? About 66,487 €, excluding VAT. The cost of the single-engine, without batteries, is around 31,000 euros.

Meanwhile, Evoy is also designing 300-horsepower (222 kW) and 450-horsepower (333 kW) electric outboards, which it expects to arrive between 2023 and 2025.


Certainly this solution, for now, is not convenient to a boater who uses the boat to go out occasionally, especially comparing costs and performance. As the manufacturer explains, the period to actually pay back the costs is around 4 years, with intensive use. This makes this type of solution suitable for commercial use, particularly in areas where thermal engines cannot access, but not only. It is also crucial to consider recharge times: the manufacturer on the site reports from 30 minutes to 24 hours of recharge. This is the situation of the Evoy sockets and the evolution that they will have in the coming years.

It’s important to note then that not only is enhancement and optimization work by engine manufacturers sufficient, but an infrastructure-level strategy is needed to allow freedom of movement and use. We asked the manufacturer Evoy how they are moving in Norway and if there is a structured design behind to make this idea “comfortable”. Stay tuned as we explain below!




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  1. Marco van der Linden

    Dear folks, I’m Marco on the island of Mallorca. I wold like to have all information on your EVO 150hp electric outboard.
    Do you have a dealer in Spain?

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