Evo V8, launched the flagship (24 m) that combines sailing and motorboats


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Evo V8

Evo Yachts’ flagship has taken to the sea. Her name is Evo V8 and for the shipyard, this boat is the meeting point between sailing and motor. How so? This yacht is 24 meters long and combines suggestions from both the world of sailing and some that come from motor boating. While formally remaining a motorboat, this unit overturns the canons to which the yachtsman is accustomed.

Evo V8, born to change the schemes

It was launched last week, May 19, 2021, Evo V8, the new flagship of Evo Yachts, a brand of the shipyard Blu Emme Yachts of the Mercuri brothers.

From the pier of the marina of Torre Annunziata (Naples), the shipowner and the Evo Yachts team attended the traditional launching ceremony and celebrated the result of months of careful planning and realization that involved the technicians and the workers of the shipyard.

The realization of Evo V8 has represented an important moment for the shipyard, as the Production Director, Paolo D’Orazio, says: “They have been months of intense work, during which the shipyard team has dedicated itself to this ambitious project with dedication, passion, and commitment. The realization of Evo V8 is the result of an important moment of growth for the shipyard, of which we are really proud. At the same time, for us, this launch is also the starting point for new projects, more and more ambitious and innovative”.

Evo V8: between sailing and a motorboat

The project was presented a few months ago by Valerio Rivellini and its name at the beginning was Velar 78. Built by the Blu Emme Yachts shipyard, it puts together elements of sailing and engine. First of all, it’s a yacht designed to sail slowly with a focus on consumption and sustainability. This first element already brings together the two worlds, only apparently so far apart. It is therefore dedicated to new owners who are looking for a way of slow sailing, attentive to the reduction of consumption and eco-sustainability. Another common feature is the large wheel rudders that give the owner the feeling of steering a sailing boat. Evo V8 actually combines the speed of the engine with the comfort and relaxation of sailing.




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