Epoch Skiff: the electric foil-equipped boat for all budgets

Epoch Skiff, the new electric foil-equipped boat
Epoch Skiff, the new electric foil-equipped boat

The electric foil-equipped boat is now for all (or almost) budgets. The models we have seen debuted on the market so far belong to the high end of the market. Just think of the best-seller Candela, the new C-8 that starts at 290,000 euro. From America comes a new solution. It’s called Epoch Skiff, from Epoch Boats, and is designed for electric sailing (on foils) but also as a trailerable boat. In short, a versatile, fun craft with a starting price of $35,000. This includes the boat, electric motor, foils and batteries. It can be customised with a wide variety of colours.

Epoch Skiff

Epoch’s new electric foil-equipped motorboat has sizes ranging from 14, 16 and 18 feet. Different layouts can be installed on board depending on the intended use. The electric outboard engine on this boat ranges from about 15 to 25 hp on an internal combustion engine. The standard battery power is 5kWh and can be recharged quickly.

When under way, the foil system designed by Epoch lifts the boat out of the water and reaches speeds of over 30 knots. When you need to trailer the boat or approach shallow waters, the foils can be closed.

“Our goal,” says Epoch CEO Tom Ward, “is to develop a greener boat that would reduce the boater’s impact on the environment, but we knew it also had to have the performance and wow factor that today’s boaters want. Most electric boats are too slow or too expensive for the average boater. Epoch’s boats are designed to work efficiently with an electric motor and a relatively small battery to achieve higher performance, range and speed at a cost comparable to many gas-powered boats with similar options.”

According to the yard, the maximum speed is 20 knots with the boat planing and 30 knots with the foil system in action. In foiling mode the boat uses about 75 per cent less energy at 20 knots.

According to the company, the range goes from 30 miles at 30 MPH to 60 miles at 20 MPH.

The batteries, again according to the company, recharge (depending on the level of the charger used) in a minimum of 2 hours to a maximum of 10 hours depending on the power available.

Epoch Skiff: the pros of an electric foil-equipped boat

The electric boat is often associated with sustainability. This is true, but only up to a point. As long as the energy is not all produced from renewable sources, what is eliminated is mainly “on-site” emissions. But the advantages of an electric boat are there and they are very interesting. First of all, the feeling of sailing on a less noisy boat, with a sound that is more like that of a sailing boat. Those who have tried it know that it is a fascinating experience. The electric motor is (virtually) maintenance-free. At the same time, sailing on foils, in a compatible sea, makes for very smooth sailing. And that’s without mentioning the fact that foils make it possible to reduce consumption considerably at cruising speed.

Epoch Skiff: how much it costs

Starting at $35,000, the Epoch Skiff is available in sizes from 14 to 18 feet and in eight different hull colours. The foils are activated in conjunction with the electric outboard motor. The hull is constructed from marine-grade aluminium for strength and lightness, which allows Click here and find out more



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