What are the elements for a perfect marina? | Here the model “Loano”

porto loano aerea

Uberto Paoletti, the Director of Marina di Loano has clear ideas on how to provide yachtsmen with a highly attractive port.“Our marina will serve its guests’ needs by promoting, together with its Yacht Club, 360-degree sea culture”, he says.

“ In collaboration with the local Red Cross, we organize maritime medical emergency management courses and we work together with Fondazione Cima which has been conducted his campaign for the protection of coastal areas for years. Commitment to environment is the fist of our values. Marina di Loano has been awarded the Blue Fag for six years”, he continues.

Paoletti holds the reins of a company which, with 980 berths, 4 beach resorts and a total surface area of 36 hectares, is one of the largest port facilities of the region.

But what makes a marina appealing?

“For us, boat safety comes first: our marina offers total protection from southern winds thanks to a 60m wide inner breakwater (while mountains protect the port from northern winds). Moreover, dock fingers are more convenient than traditional dock lines. Finally, we devote special attention to every single service, including mooring assistance, sewage discharge, watchman and WiFi”.

uberto paoletti loano
Uberto Paoletti



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