This two luxury catamarans don’t use petrol


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Silent yachts
Silent yachts

Eco-luxury is the new figure in high-end boating. Respect the environment without sacrificing any comfort. But is it really possible? Yes, for example, in luxury catamarans solar energy is the protagonist. For the design of two-hull boats, a huge amount of energy can be collected, thanks to hundreds of square meters of panels. It supplies all the instruments, appliances, and air conditioning. In short, every benefit, without a single drop of fuel.

Two luxury zero-impact catamarans

Silent Yachts

They are the builders of the world’s first solar-powered yachts. Every day, a Silent yacht sails over 100 miles in the Atlantic, using only the charge of its batteries and the energy produced by its solar panels that, in the smallest model – the Silent 55’ – reach a surface of 45 square meters. Of course, they are also equipped with a fuel-propelled generator and a kite to exploit wind energy and charge batteries, using propellers as hydro-generators. Today, the shipyard also offers two bigger models: the Silent 64 and the Silent 79, built-in Italy by Consorzio Navale Industriale. Recently, Silent Yachts has been awarded by the UIM (Union Internationale Motonautique) for its efforts in creating an eco-sustainable luxury boat in the presence of Prince Albert of Monaco.

Silent Yacht 55

Loa: 16,70m; B.max: 8,46 m; Max engine: 2 X 30KW / 2 x 135kW –

Serenity Yachts

The comfort and advantages of a motorboat are combined with the unlimited range of a sailboat. These are the hallmarks of Serenity Yachts, the American shipyard, based in the Cayman Islands, specialized in the manufacturer of high-quality catamarans with electric or hybrid propulsion. The catalogue includes two models: the Serenity 64, presented at the last Cannes Yachting Festival, and the 74, with sophisticated interiors designed by Ken Downing, Fashion Director for Neiman Marcus. Power comes from a large number of solar panels: up to 110 square meters in the largest model, 68 square meters in the smallest one.

Serenity 64

Loa: 19.44m; Bmax: 9.44m; Engine: electric, 2×25 kW, diesel, 2x200hp



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  1. “Today, the shipyard also offers two nigger models: the Silent 64 and the Silent 79, built in Italy by Consorzio Navale Industriale.“

    I supposed you mean bigger, rather than nigger?

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