Easy mooring – Evinrude iDock and its outboard joystick

Even if you have a boat with outboards, mooring is no longer a problem. At the beginning, the use of the joystick was essentially limited to traditional inboard systems. Marine engine manufacturers, however, have made up for this lack for some years now. For boats equipped with its E-Tec G2 outboard engines – from 150 to 300 horsepower – Evinrude offers the Evinrude iDoc joystick steering system. The steering system allows the boat to move in any direction, even sideways, and to turn it around on itself.

Mooring with Evinrude iDock is easier

The integrated gyro sensor makes the iDock extremely intuitive to use. The system takes environmental conditions into account and automatically compensates for wind and current. As with many joysticks, the control that the pilot gives the lever is not on/off, but modular. This means that the more you press or turn the knob at the top, the more the thrust generated by the motors is high (but always at maneuvering speed). In this case, there is a useful accessory function present in the lever control: when more power is needed to counteract particularly strong wind or current, just apply a little more pressure on the joystick. In this case you enter boost mode and the thrust provided is doubled.

A system that is born integrated

iDock is fully integrated and connects directly with the internal hydraulic steering system of the Evinrude E-TEC G2 engines: The control and actuation unit is installed directly on the engine connection, right between the grille and the transom seat. A design choice that has the advantage of reducing the cost of components and reducing the space required for installation. You just need to think about where to put the joystick, since everything else is already on board. Considering the fact that iDock is designed to be integrated with specific engines, installation times are also reduced to a minimum. This translates into a very interesting purchase price that remains below 7000 euros.


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