Easy mooring all alone? Here 4 solutions for when you’re in trouble!

Like parking a car, mooring a boat requires a bit of practice and some good advice. At sea, however, the situation is often more complicated due to the large number of variables you need to be careful in order to not damage anything. When you are a beginner or when the weather is not good a little help would not hurt, but there’s no guarantee that in port or on the boat there is always someone able to give support. Don’t deny yourself the pleasure of a boat trip just because you are afraid of performing docking manoeuvres on your own: here is four ideas to make your single-handed mooring a piece of cake.

Astra Yacht – ECAB

Easy Control Automatic Boat (ECAB) is an advanced system which interfaces with on-board systems and assists the crew during docking manoeuvres. Using the interpolated measures of radar, camera, GPS, compass and accelerometers, it provides exact measurements of the boat-obstacles distances. It can be used to send movement alerts or to select areas to be avoided.




Myor is a simple fast system which allows to perform mooring and unmooring operations easily. Intuitive to use, Myor does not affect the manoeuvre dynamics and is very useful even when wind and stream conditions are not good. No permanent boat and dock operation is required to install Myor. Moreover, the system does no require any specific technical preparation.


Yacht Controller – Dual Band Plus

Yacht Controller is the well-known remote control intended to facilitate perform single-handed moorings and control electronic throttles of the main brands in total safety. Equipped with a double receiver on two different frequency bands, the Dual Band Plus can simultaneously control two anchors and allows to accelerate with some types of electronic throttles.


barche a motore ormeggio db plus

PME Mare – Clik

Simple to use, Click is a sinking buoy which, when connected to relieving ropes, sinks with them at their release and rises to the surface when called by the (wired or wireless) command. When installed on the forward handrail, it does not need any chargers since it is equipped with high-efficiency solar cells.


barche a motore ormeggio Clik



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