E30 Endurance, Cranchi’s super classic is back

Cranchi E30 Endurance
Cranchi E30 Endurance

Cranchi E30 Endurance is the new walkaround with inboard engine of the historical Cranchi line, precisely Endurance, born in the eighties.

Sporty and elegant: how is the new Cranchi E30 Endurance

The Endurance line’s strengths are its sporty character and liveability on board. Compared to the previous model, the new E30 Endurance has softer lines, the stern platform is covered in teak, as well as being longer than 70 cm.  The bow and stern bollards are concealed. The seats, sofas and dashboard have been renewed: all with a more sporty and somewhat vintage style. From bow to stern you can walk without obstacles, which makes the boat safer.

Cranchi E30 Endurance
Cranchi E30 Endurance

New sundeck design with integrated cup holders and speakers. With a hydraulic system, the table of the C-shaped sofa in the cockpit disappears to leave space for an additional sundeck, more protected and safe thanks to the backrests. The E30 is designed to be connected to the owner’s electronic devices. From the cockpit there are several watertight USB sockets and a universal wireless charger for in-dash smartphones. The height and space of the interior environments make this daycruiser also suitable for a weekend out, under deck space is not lacking.


The new E30 Endurance is a sporty and manageable boat, suitable for all types of owners.

Motorisation: Volvo Penta


  • D4 EVC/E/DPH (300HP) (221KW)
  • 2XD3 EVC/E/DPS (2X200 HP) (2X147KW)


  • V8-350-CE/G (5.3) DPS (350HP) (258KW) CATALYZED
  • V8-300-CE/G (5.3) DPS (300HP) (221KW) CATALYZED

Boat data sheet: Cranchi E30 Endurance

  • Overall Length 9.85 M Ca.
  • Hull Length 8.88 M Approx.
  • Maximum width 2.98 M Approx.
  • Propeller Draught 0.90 M Ca.
  • Height Above Line Floating 2.65 M Ca.
  • Weight With Engines 3,090/3,450 Kg
  • People Max Load Capacity And Weight (Cat.B) 8/800 Kg
  • People Max Load Capacity And Weight (Cat.C) 12/1,180 Kg
  • Capacity Fuel Tank 326 L
  • Capacity Water Tank 70 L
  • Carena Aldo Cranchi
  • Project Research Centre Cranchi
  • Art Direction Christian Grande
  • Category of B/C Design




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