These boats are the future of powerboating. After Formula E comes the E1 Series


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E1 Series
E1 Series

Here comes the E1 Series, the Formula E of water with 100% electric powered boats.

The official debut is scheduled for 2022. But looking at the caliber of the characters involved, the assumptions that it will be something never seen so far are really all there. The latest addition bears the name Victory Marine-a name or rather a brand whose track record speaks for itself. These are the cards destined to radically revolutionize the world of powerboat racing. TheE1Series is the brainchild of two visionaries Alejandro Agag creator of Formula E and Extreme E a rally racing series reserved for electric SUVs produced by Spark, and Rodi Basso an aerospace engineer with long experience in Formula One in the Ferrari, Red Bull Racing Teams and McLaren.

UIM E1 Series

Sealing this fascinating project is the presence of the World Powerboat Federation, which, in the figure of President Raffaele Chiulli, has from the outset espoused an initiative whose scope goes far beyond competitive aspects. The stated goal of the UIM E1 World Electric Powerboat Series is to raise awareness not only among enthusiasts but also among the general public about a more sustainable way of thinking about mobility on water by taking advantage of electric propulsion.

Yes,because the highlight of this new circuit will be the boats themselves. Christened RaceBirds, they were conceived by Sophi Horn founder of London-based start-up RaceBird Technologies and have futuristic design as their main distinguishing feature. From a technical point of view they will represent the best of the state of the art in terms of technology and that in reality will materialize in absolutely respectable performance starting at 60 knots of speed thanks also to the use of foils.

E1 Series, Italy is also there

Victory Marine, thanks to the experience of Brunello Acampora, will help fine-tune the technical and aerodynamic aspects of the hulls together with RaceBird Technologies. The goal is to unveil the prototype on June 8, which coincides with World Oceans Day. Before then, however, Barche a Motore will devote an extensive feature in the next issue in which it will give the floor to those directly involved in this fascinating project destined to mark an epochal turning point in powerboat racing and mobility on the water. Stay Tuned!

Matthew Zaccagnino

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