Dutchcraft electric and carbon fiber tender (range)

Dutchcraft 25
Dutchcraft 25

An 8-meter electric tender with good range. Dutchcraft has unveiled its second model (after the Dutchcraft 56), an electric carbon fiber tender that will be presented at the Dusseldorf Boat Show in January 2020.

Dutchcraft 25, the electric tender

The key to the versatility of the DC25 is its low and compact transmission, which allows you to use a good amount of space on deck. Behind the center console, furniture and equipment are quickly swapped along the double-deck railings, such as upholstered benches.

When the bridge is clear, there is enough space to carry even a couple of jet skis. With a shallow draught, thanks to the compact stern drive and the folding tailgate design, guests can walk directly to and from the beach across the bow deck. The walls are high and give a greater sense of security and protection, while the stern beach is easily transformed into a bathing platform for access to water.

The hardtop of the centre console bends towards the bow to reduce height when stored in a tender garage. With the hardtop completely down the height is 1.97 metres.

Dutchcraft 25 – Full electric

The all-electric silent transmission allows a cruising time of up to 75 minutes at 32 knots or six hours at six knots. DutchCraft’s design and engineering teams have designed a deep V-shaped hull to improve navigation. A limousine version of the DC25 is currently being developed for use as a luxury shuttle for guests with enhanced weather protection.

Technical sheet DC25 specifications

  • Loa: 8.04 m
  • Lwl: 7.3 m
  • B.max: 2.38 m
  • Draft: 0.82 m
  • DutchCraft 25 price is on request




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