From craft boats to superyachts, the story of a Dutch shipyard

A Sichterman yacht
A Sichterman yacht

Before building high-end motor yachts, he built traditional sailboats. Here is the story of the new luxury brand: Sichterman Yachts.

There is a new manufacturer in the high-end yacht market: Sichterman Yachts. The name comes from a Dutch merchant, Jan Albert Sichterman, who lived between the late seventeenth and mid-eighteenth century. What does this have to do with the company? Sichterman was known as a collector of valuables and had a great eye for quality and detail. Sichterman Yachts has made this the philosophy of its brand and fleet.

Combining an almost artisanal way of doing things with the latest technologies, Sichterman Yachts is developing a fleet of aluminium boats from 15 metres (50 feet) to 26 metres (85 feet), four of which have already been sold.

From craftsmanship to super yachts

The idea was born in 2015 when Bart Rehe, current CEO of Sichterman visited the WJH Yachtservice shipyard, in Workum, Holland, specializing in the construction of traditional sailing yachts. Here, talking to shipyard owner Jelle Douma, Rehe suggested that he join forces to create luxury motor yachts. Today, those simple chats are becoming a reality. For yacht builder Jelle Douma, the move to high-end yachts meant a necessary adaptation of the family business. From traditional boats, the yard will produce up to 26 metres, like Ambrosca, which is already under development.

Sichterman Yachts. Image source:
Sichterman Yachts. Image source:

The other protagonists

The yacht designer Cor D. Rover and Van Oossanen Naval Architects are the other protagonists of this story who have put their mark on the appearance of the boats, all with Latin names.

Cor D. Rover is responsible for the aesthetic design and in designing these yachts he started from the know-how acquired with the many mega yachts on which he worked. “A Sichterman can be recognized for his modern but timeless design. The vertical bow creates a sense of strength and makes it one of the most innovative yachts on the market” tells Ibinews.


Van Oossanen Naval Architects’ studio brought its knowledge to Sichterman by studying comfortable yet elegant yachts.  Van Oossanen brought two major innovations – the Hull Vane and the Fast Displacement Hull Form (FDHF) – which combine to generate less waves and allow for greater range at cruising speed and lower fuel consumption.

Ready to launch

The first Sichterman to be launched in the coming weeks will be the 18m (58ft) Iveni. The other three boats sold that are already under construction are Libertas (15m, 50ft), Certus (16m, 54ft) and Felicitatem (20m, 65ft). Libertas is also positioned as a tender for superyachts, Timmermans told the IBI. The manufacturer is also developing the Ambrosca 26m (84ft).

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