It doesn’t always take a fisherman to fish

Plotter and autopilot are often better than a high-quality fishing rod and a great talent. If luck is on your side, your success is guaranteed and you can fish from your cruiser with no problem!

First of all, please check if your plotter is also a fishfinder; maybe, all you need is a transducer, that is a device which detects the sea bottom to display it graphically on the screen. The benefit of the fishfinder is clear, since it prevents you from fishing “in the dark”. Let us take the example of trolling fishing, traditionally performed in proximity to shallows. Well, the latter are often just a few dozen meters wide and locating the right rock is often very difficult, if not impossible, with GPS coordinates.

A fishfinder-equipped multifunction plotter. The perfect solution for your cruiser. All data on a single screen. This is the new Garmin GPSMap 7414. Extremely versatile and with a bright screen, it is perfect for both professional and inexperienced anglers. When combined with the transducer, your success is guaranteed!

The fishfinder “reads” shallows, displays it on the plotter and locates the exact point where to fish. The shallow slope, that is the point where sea bottom suddenly changes, is the most suitable area. If you want to troll, the fishfinder is therefore useful to locate the school of fish running under your boat. In this case, you can use bottom or surface baits in all conditions, even in in-shore waters because, in addition to your preys, you can detect all sorts of dangers or obstacles.



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