“War” on the fear of mooring: DockSense will help you

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If the mooring of the boat is an obstacle to your passion, from today you can have one more ally. Raymarine has launched the DockSense system, which makes it child’s play to moor your boat.

The system uses Flir camera technology for machine vision and video analysis, which is connected to the propulsion system to help boat stewards moor in tight spaces. Flir’s sensors are particularly developed and have applications also in the military field. Prestige Yachts, part of the Beneteau group, will be among the first to use and demonstrate this technology.

Mooring difficulties

Wind and current can make it difficult for even the most experienced and accidents at berth put at risk safety and can do serious damage. The DockSense system has been designed to increase the capabilities of the captain’s boat by using the Virtual Bumper technology of the area around the boat. If an object enters the range of the Virtual Bumper, DockSense automatically introduces corrective steering and acceleration commands to prevent damage and assist the captain in the more delicate phase of mooring.

DockSense uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) and the Position Reference System (AHRS) to compensate for the effects of wind and currents, ensuring that the vessel enters the quay without problems or costly collisions. Raymarine’s DockSense system includes several FLIR thermal imaging cameras, a central processing module and the DockSense App that runs on Raymarine’s Axiom navigation display. The system integrates with modern joystick propulsion systems, providing assisted steering and throttle controls to help captains arrive smoothly.

“Raymarine’s DockSense solution will give future Prestige owners the confidence they need to dock safely and aligns with our vision of simplifying the boating experience and making navigation accessible to a much wider audience,” said Erik Stromberg, Prestige’s product marketing director.



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