Do you like the charts? Hit parade of the most viewed accessories

Do you have a moment, do you like charts? We have compiled for you the TOP TEN of the ten most viewed accessories at Milan Yachting Week – The digital boat show found in the “accessories” pavilion.

Here is the result:

1 – Mobil Tech Zeus 200

the innovative thermoelectric generator that can provide a solution to on-board energy problems while fully respecting the surrounding environment. Click here

ZEUS 200

2 – Harken Marine Grip

Different from the normal non-slip tapes we are used to seeing on boats, it was developed by surfers, in Hawaii, to provide a great grip while being non-abrasive: it does not leave marks on the skin or clothes. Click here

Marine Grip Harken

3 – Synteak The Cleaner

The only instant power cleaner on the market, spray the product and clean! Quick and easy, to save you the most precious thing you have, your time! Click here

the cleaner


4 – Garmin Marine/electronics for boats from 9 to 12 meters.

What tools do you need aboard a 9- to 12-foot powerboat to make the most of a day at sea? Here is the complete solution, from A to Z. Click Here.


5 – Harken CLR Mooring Winch

It allows, at the push of a button, to automatically maneuver the pull or release of mooring lines. CLR is telescoping (never seen that before!) and when not in use it disappears flush with the deck. Click here

6 – TAG Heuer Aquaracer “45th SAIL”

Three customized Special Editions of its legendary Aquaracer sailing watch reserved for owners, crews and enthusiasts. Unique because you engrave on the case the name of the boat, your own name, or the name of a friend to whom you give the special edition Aquaracer as a gift. Click here  TAG Heuer Aquaracer

7 – Boer/Venetians Crossover

A newly developed antifouling (ablative) with brilliant colors, formulated according to a unique technology using copolymers and specific biocides allowing film solubility. Click here

8 – Refit Style Permateek

Composed of noble and recyclable PVC, 100% “Green – Ecological”. The percentage of plasticizers in the compound is significantly lower than in other synthetics: this makes it NOT overheatable in the sun and more resistant to impact and wear. Click here

Refit Style

9 – Polytechno Aeropro Marine

Electronic automatic anti-fire, eliminates hoses, cylinders, plumbing and mechanical works, and allows for quick and easy installation, similar to an electrical system. Click here

10 – Marine Cork

Marinecork is the cork for boating. The only real alternative to teak, 100% natural, easy to install, very high mechanical strength; non-slip, heat insulating, not hot to the touch, is stain-resistant and sound insulating.
Click Here.




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