Do you have a Classic Boat? Celebrate its history! Doing it is so easy


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Magnum 63
Magnum 63 – Winner of the 1986 Miami-Nassau.

You have a
Classic Boat
, a historic boat built before 1998, and therefore more than 25 years old? Perfect, this news is especially for you.
Motor Boatshas launched a campaign to celebrate and highlight so many of these great boats, often undervalued or forgotten, but real milestones in motor boating, key steps in bringing about the landscape as we know it today.

Tell us about your Classic Boat!

In the last period we have started a column intended to tell and celebrate Classic Boats, precisely those boats that, by design value, innovation or history, have been able to deeply mark their time, as well as the times to follow. Although this column will continue to be updated, we have also launched an online archive to celebrate single boats, your boats. We have created for you an online archive for your Classic Boats, a page where you can enter your boat and its history, while at the same time allowing you to browse through many others, like a great encyclopedia of the history of motor boating.

Here’s how it works.

Bertram 54 (1981)

Your Classic Boats – Requirements

Let’s start with the basic requirements. As we have mentioned, it must be a boat whose design is at least 25 years old (1998) and which is made of fiberglass or, if nothing else, mass-produced. Of course, design quality and aesthetic value also matter, as do the builder’s site and the state of originality of the project. Because not all boats are the same. For One-Off projects, on the other hand, those boats made as a one-off, perhaps for an offshore race, or in a very limited series, the age factor does not change, but it still has to be a relevant design, signed by a great master and/or built with quality by an established shipyard. The standards related to fiberglass and/or mass production are dropped in this case. That said, the rest is dead simple.

What is needed?

    • Boat Name and Model;
    • Type – Indicate whether it is a series project or a One off;
    • A detailed description of the boat;
    • One or more photos;
    • Shipbuilder, year of launching, overall length and maximum beam;
    • Your email and a call sign.

How to enter your boat

From the Motor Boats website, access the drop-down menu that appears by hovering your mouse over “Magazine” (image below) and click on “Your Classic Boats” (or click HERE directly). You will be taken to the main page of this new archive.

Select “Your Classic Boats” in the drop-down menu, under “Magazine”
Click on “Send us your boat” and fill out the format. Submit, and the editorial staff will approve your request as soon as possible

From here, simply click on “Send us your Boat” (image above) and you will be ready to enter all the data. If the boat is a production boat, select accordingly, otherwise you can opt for the One off box for boats made as a single or limited edition. Fill in the fields, upload your photos, and you’re done. The Editorial Board will reserve the right to publish the boats in a very short time.

Check out the articles in the Classic Boat column

If you have a boat to suggest, please write an email to



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