Divergence 45 is the Spider 124 of the sea by Ocean Alexander

Ocean Alexander Divergence 45
Ocean Alexander Divergence 45

The first “boat” of a yacht maker. Here is Divergence 45, the novelty of Ocean Alexander, an American shipyard known for its major projects. In this case they “launched” into a console center with outboard and openable walls. Three versions are available for 400 obtainable variants.

Ocean Alexander, the king of American yachts

Ocean Alexander is one of the U.S. reference names when it comes to motor yachts. In the United States, the distinction between yachts and boats is made more in terms of size and price depending on the use of the boat. So seeing the 45 Divergence, the first “boat” built by Ocean Alexander, a shipyard that since 1978 has been concerned with building yachts with a size range from 70 to 155′, is certainly something that draws attention. It’s a bit like imagining a light spider produced by Cadillac (if you have no idea go and see the Cadillac Escalade and then compare it to a 124 Spider).

Ocean Alexander Divergence 45
Ocean Alexander Divergence 45

So in Bellevue, the company’s headquarters just outside Seattle, they decided to create the Divergence 45, a dayboat full of figurines and finishes that make it worthy of such a grand lineage that is then built at the opposite end of the United States, on Merritt Island, Florida, in the new shipyard that Ocean Alexander inaugurated three years ago to build its 70′.


Ocean Alexander Divergence 45
Ocean Alexander Divergence 45

Boat technical sheet: Ocean Alexander 45 Divergence

Dimensions: Loa: 14.45m; b.max: 4.19m (closed)/5.82m (open); displ. (w/engines) – 15.4 t

Interior: 1 cabin

Engine: 4x Mercury Verdao 350 hp

Fuel Capacity (gasoline, engines) – 2,298 lt

Water Capacity – 379 lt



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