Dipiù 990, a 70 knots black carbon boat perfect for Diabolik

Roberto Curtò’s Dipiù 990 is a black gunshot. And in fact it would be the ideal boat in the film Diabolik by Manetti Bros soon to be released. Guided by the fascinating masked thief (played by Luca Marinelli) after the umpteenth successful shot to escape Inspector Ginko, along with Eva Kant, in fact this toy is a beast built entirely of carbon. Able to exceed 70 knots of maximum speed driven by two outboards of 400 horses each. But on the other hand, his designer Roberto Curtò has already accustomed us to projects with great powers such as Capelli Tempest 50.

Dipiù 990 by Roberto Curtò
Il Dipiù 990 by Roberto Curtò

How is the Dipiù 990

Dipù 990 is a daycruiser designed for those who are not afraid to have their eyes laid on them. Narrow, long, high and very designed even in the walls that take shape from the geometry of the hull, can not help but draw attention. The setting is like a bowrider, with a forward cockpit recessed in the high walls and closed aft by the windshield. Given the particularity of the object has been designed a more tailored that makes this boat a semi-custom in terms of both materials and variations in the layout, For life the Dipiù 990 made by Dipù Boats Sea Laboratory has the aft seat that can be transformed into a large sundeck with the back that slides in different positions to better modulate the spaces on board. The foredeck square, beyond the two double-sided chaise lounges, can be used as a dining area with a coffee table. Or, through cushions, it becomes a second large sundeck. There is also the forward cabin, apparently invisible from the outside. Complete with a double bed and WC under the cushions. The hull is very high performance and allows a fast and soft navigation even with a large sea.

Technical data

Loa: 9.90 m; B.max: 2.20 m;
Max eng. power: 800 hp Top speed: >70 kn



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