The dashboard of the biggest Riva yacht ever made

The first 50-metre Riva, M/Y Race, was launched about a year ago. Riva Yacht, a brand of the Ferretti Group, onboard a 50-meter superyacht cannot do without technology. That’s why it turned to a company specialized in the development of super technological dashboards for large yachts. It goes without saying, in fact, that to manage a boat of this type the dashboard must have a lot of tools, but it must also be easy to use. The result? Let’s see it together!

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Team Italia, and the dashboard of the Riva superyacht

Team Italia is one of the main electronics companies for the navigation systems in the market of large yachts. Team Italia dashboards are called I-Bridge and are equipped with multi-function and stretch display implemented with new specific features. A great success of the team and recognition of the quality of their work comes from being on board the first yacht of Riva Superyachts Division.

Navigation is supported by two side wings (which are also integrated) and by the exclusive Team Italia EMAS (Electronic Moving Assistant System), which makes maneuvering the yacht easier by processing the data from the 3D sensors.

Like every I-Bridge solution, the system in the RIVA M/Y Race has been developed and tested in-house in the Team Italia laboratories, which means all possible function tests were performed before installing the system on the yacht. This ensures that every control interface in the system is fully functional and ready for use.

The fine-tuning of a remote diagnostics and maintenance system for the onboard installed equipment is another important feature implemented in the Team Italia I-Bridge solution on the M/Y Race.

You run the boat from home

When necessary, by using specific authentication and authorization procedures, this system allows Team Italia technicians to manage the I-Bridge and ensure it functions correctly from their workshops.

All I-Bridge solutions (and therefore also that of Riva M/Y Race) are first developed and then tested in the Team Italia laboratories. Here functional tests are carried out before its installation onboard.





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