Dan Lenard, the designer’s extreme challenge in the ocean

dan lenard barche
Dan Lenard, designer di barche

Dan Lenard, the designer of the superyachts, will challenge the ocean without gasoline and without tools on a sailboat of just 10 meters.

Among the many options that the modern world offers to go to the Miami Boat Show scheduled for February 2019, Dan Lenard, co-founder of the famous studio Nuvolari-Lenard, has chosen a very original: to cross the ocean on a sailboat of 10 meters without instrumentation and without fuel, in complete solitude.

Dan Lenard’s extreme challenge

Designer Dan Lenard of Nuvolari-Lenard designed iconic luxury yachts such as the Seven Seas, Steven Spielberg’s yacht, and the Black Pearl, one of the world’s largest sailing yachts. And now also the 33-foot yacht he is about to use to cross the ocean: unlike the superyachts he designs and builds, this boat is usually a bit different. It is a sailboat without motor and without any use of electronics, gps, logs, compasses or autopilots. “Only the sight, the sun and the stars will help me,” he said.

“Colombo has sailed to the Indies four times, I will follow the course of his second voyage (see photo, ed.), but instead of stopping in the Caribbean I will head for Miami.

His final destination is Miami, where he hopes to end his journey coinciding with the Miami Boat Show in February 2019.

Reasons of the trip

Dan Lenard is therefore preparing to sail a total of 1,400 miles of pure sea, without technology. An extreme challenge that launched by the designer who has a goal: to draw attention for immediate and concrete action to protect the sea.

“Every step of the route is carefully planned,” he told to Boat International, “including the packaging of the appropriate food, so when I get to the other side, I won’t take with me (or leave along the way) even a little rubbish from Europe.




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