Cranchi Sessantasette

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Cranchi Sessantasette

After the success of the flagship, the Cranchi Settantotto, here comes another flybridge novelty at Cranchi: Cranchi Sessantasette. We have seen that the first new addition coming is a walk-around, the Cranchi A42 Luxury Tender (CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ). Now let’s see the other new model coming from the construction site, the Cranchi Sessantasette.

Cranchi Sessantasette

With a length of 20.8 meters, this new motorboat is in fact the younger sister of the Settantotto. And it’s no coincidence that her name is written in full and in letter form like the flagship. The reason? To carry on the strong bond with the “made in Italy” of the shipyard. The Italian design and style that bind together in a boat with a strong and modern line.

Family feeling with the Settantotto is very strong. The project was carried out in collaboration with the Cranchi Yachts Research Centre and Christian Grande, who was entrusted with the art direction. A particular line with some very interesting solutions. Often the lines on this boat are completed and recalled among the different elements of the profile. An example could be the curve of the stern hatch and the projecting part of the fly. Or, for example, between the cut of the windows and the walled-in middle.

From the experience of the Settantotto, the new Sessantasette also derives the extraordinary technological equipment, the adoption of hi-tech materials, and a construction technique that has no equal in the world. The yacht will thus offer the highest safety standards, the best solutions for stabilization, reduction of consumption and emissions, noise reduction and abatement, home automation, and entertainment systems.

Private Shows by Cranchi

The world is changing and so is the world of boating. So Cranchi has decided, given the need for social distancing and the demand for more and more unique and personalized moments, to create the Cranchi Private Shows format: a private boat show, a long event that will start at the end of the summer and last throughout the autumn. Fans interested in purchasing a yacht will be able to view the Cranchi range and test their favorite models at sea.

The event will take place at the Marine Test Centre, in San Giorgio di Nogaro on the Adriatic Sea, the first permanent showroom of Cranchi Yachts, located in a beautiful natural setting within easy reach of Milan, Venice, and Trieste airports. Owners will be welcomed individually, with their families or in small groups, in an exclusive, private, and safe environment. The event will be organized in collaboration with the network of Cranchi Yachts dealers to whom clients can turn to to make appointments.



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