Cranchi A42 Luxury Tender, the walk-around according to Cranchi

Cranchi A42 Luxury Tender
Cranchi A42 Luxury Tender 

Great news coming for next season from Cranchi Yachts. The shipyard presents two new boats: the Cranchi A42 Luxury Tender and the Cranchi Sessantasette which will enrich the flybridge segment of the shipyard. Today we see more about Cranchi A42 Luxury Tender, the walk-around according to Cranchi Yachts.

Cranchi A42 Luxury: the walk-around of Cranchi Yachts

The Cranchi A42 Luxury Tender is a large yacht with distinctive and distinctive features that make it ideal as a dayboat or express cruiser. The basis is that of a walk-around, with all the advantages that come with it in terms of liveability on deck. From the central cockpit to the large aft sundeck, without forgetting the central console with triple seat.

With its configuration, the boat can be used for many different purposes. From a day trip to a long cruise, with its almost 14 meters (13.97 meters) this new Cranchi is able to guarantee comfort and performance, on a modern design.

Onboard the Cranchi A42 Luxury Tender

The cockpit looks like a large open space with a windscreen and hardtop that give the line a balanced and streamlined look. The hardtop offers protection and shelter from the sun to the console and above all to the living area of the main deck, which can thus be enjoyed at any time of the day, always with the utmost freedom: the hardtop, in fact, opens in a few seconds with a blade system derived from the highest range yachts. At the bow, there is a second sundeck which, thanks to a “Portuguese bridge” style configuration, also reveals an additional seat.

At the stern, there is a large sundeck. At the end of the boat, in fact, there are two sides that can be opened instantaneously with a servo-electric mechanism to widen the surface area of the cockpit, thus creating an additional area jutting out over the water. Basically, Cranchi also opts for the foldable walls on its new walk-around. The cockpit is in complete continuity with the cockpit flooring and well connected to the platform, which can also be moved up/down and crosswise. The recent A42 Luxury Tender thus represents a real terrace overlooking the sea.

Under the stern sundeck, there is a garage that can accommodate a tender up to two meters long and the sunken beach is very useful to facilitate the operations of putting in water and the return of the dinghy.

Below deck of the Cranchi A42 Luxury Tender

The dinette can be transformed into a sleeping area in addition to the comfortable full-beam aft cabin. The bathroom is complete with a separate shower cubicle. There are numerous solutions, both below deck and in the cockpit, that facilitate the connection with electronic devices: watertight USB sockets, universal wireless charger for smartphones, and audio and entertainment systems manageable from any position.

Engines of the new Cranchi A42 Luxury Tender

The new Cranchi A42 Luxury Tender is designed with IPS motorization, but, with a view to ensuring the greatest satisfaction of owners with different needs and tastes, it is extremely likely that a version with outboard motors will also go into production.

The hull colors and decorations can be customized with the Cranchi Atelier program to make the style of this yacht even more unique, inspired by the savoir-vivre and the pleasantness of Mediterranean culture.



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