Corte Lotti is a dealer of Axopar

axopar corte lotti

Corte Lotti has signed an agreement for the dealership of the Axopar shipyard, expanding the range of brands covered.

Corte Lotti

Corte Lotti Marine is a company that since 2011 has imported exclusively for Italy the boats of Tiara Yacht and later also of Contender and Wellcraft. He is not only Axopar’s dealer but also Prestige Yachts’. 


Since 2014, Axopar has based its strength on a range of hulls with “cutting-edge” designs, inspired by fun. The idea of offering high quality, instantly recognizable and competitively priced boats has captured the attention of the public. Global sales have increased in recent years with more than 1,000 boats sold and 500 orders taken for the 2018 model year alone.



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