Connection on board? Why not!

Internet connection on board can serve many purposes: in addition to games, it is important to have additional weather information, to learn more about anchors or harbors where we intend to stop, in practice it becomes a valuable aid to navigation. Near the coast, you can use your smartphone or tablet or wifi antennas. With the creation of the high-speed 4G network, performance similar to those of an ADSL line (on average 50 to 100 Mbps) is obtained. But if you move a few miles away from the mainland, the signal weakens and disappears, then you have to rely on a kit with a latest generation 3 or 4G antenna. And do you know that you can surf the internet and see all your browsing data directly from your wrist? SOLUTIONS FOR CONNECTION Captifi Antenna This is a small, compact and powerful wifi antenna powered completely by USB port. Waterproof, it has an attachment to be installed even in a deck. It mounts in a moment and here in port your wifi connection to the marina network will work fine. It costs 220 euros. FIND HERE KS-60 antenna This wifi antenna has been specially designed to receive the weakest signals on the boat and allows you to surf the Internet with the best stability and maximum bandwidth. The connection to the PC is via USB, you will need to download the drivers and soon you will be ready to browse. It costs 134 euros. FIND HERE Wiboat Kit Wiboat’s 23G-ABS and 24G-ABS kits are the complete solution to stay connected when you are on the boat. WiBoat is an easy-to-use and easy-to-install system that allows you to have your own wi-fi network in a boat, with which you can surf the internet as well as access the on-board instrumentation. They are outdoor kit in waterproof ABS case with 2 SIM 3G or 4G, Wifi and LAN on board. Starting from 442 euros. FIND YOU HERE Garmin Quatix 5 To be always connected with the on-board instruments, have functions specifically dedicated to sailing and navigation and in the meantime having a wrist-smartphone available is possible. With the Garmin Quatix 5 smatwatch. It offends you if you call it “clock”. It costs 599 euros. YOU FIND HERE



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