Clubman 32 (9.50 m) is the cabin inflatable boat for family fun


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Joker Boat - Clubman 32 - Exterior
Joker Boat – Clubman 32 – Exterior

Joker Boat ‘s Clubman range is one of the best known and most popular in the world of inflatable boats. Solid, fun, and fast, these are high-end inflatables for those who like quality on board. The new Clubman 32 is an evolution of the Clubman 30, among the yard’s most successful models, but it too does not exceed 10 meters in length, coming in at 9.50 meters in all.

Joker Boat Clubman 32 – The compromise between comfort and fun

Joker Boat - Clubman 32 - Cabin
Joker Boat – Clubman 32 – Cabin

Aboard this 32-footer we find a large cabin that allows for longer outings, for example, for those who want to stay out overnight on weekends in comfort. The Clubman 32 can accommodate up to 12 passengers and is aimed at families or friends who want to get out on the water safely, having fun but also finding comfort on board. On deck, this dinghy is thought of similarly to its smaller brother with a C-shaped aft cockpit, encircled by high backs that convey protection and stability, served by a galley cabinet that, at the front towards the bow is the bridge seat. Clever design means the lockers can be accessed without removing the cushioning, while the battery compartment is immediately at hand, accessible by a side door.

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In the center, between the seats, is the classic coffee table (also electrically operated if desired), which becomes, by lowering it, the base for creating a large sundeck. What this model brings new, however, is the higher bow sundeck, almost at the height of the tubulars, which allows it to gain volume below deck while still leaving the line streamlined. This solution, desired by designer Federico Gerna, with whom the shipyard has been collaborating for several years, involved designing a new hull, deeper than that of the Clubman 30 and slightly wider and longer, which allows for greater cabin height while maintaining sailing qualities.

Versions & motorization

The Joker Boat Clubman 32 is offered in two versions: one with a separate bathroom and the other with a large open space and concealed toilet. On board there is ample opportunity for customization, as is typical of Joker inflatable boats, and the owner can choose from four different color and fabric combinations of his or her taste for furniture, bulkheads and various other components, both interior and exterior. It is also at the owner’s discretion which outboard propulsion to mount: with a total power output of up to 800 horsepower this dinghy can touch speeds in excess of 50 knots.

Joker Boat - Clubman 32 - Interior
Joker Boat – Clubman 32 – Interior

Boat Data Sheet: Joker Boat Clubman 32

Dimensions /
Length F.T. / LOA 9,30 m
Width / Beam 3,28 m
Displacement / Displacement 2,800 kg
Tubulars / Tubes 0,62 m
Equipment /
Water Tank / Water Tank 140 L
Fuel Tank / Fuel Tank 570 L
Motorization /
Power Unit
Engine / Engine Gasoline outboards
Power / Power max 850 hp



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