The new (14m) Maxi Rib according to Ranieri International. Cayman 45.0 Cruiser

Ranieri Cayman 45.0 Cruiser
Ranieri Cayman 45.0 Cruiser

The expansion of the Maxi Rib market has projected shipyards upwards, in search of increasingly important projects in terms of size and finishing. Among these is also Ranieri International, a brand capable of foreseeing in times not suspected the strategic value that Maxi Ribs would have and the purpose of use of these boats. Today we preview the details of the latest project from Ranieri International’s Rib division, the Ranieri Cayman 45.0 Cruiser. This model is scheduled to debut in the autumn of 2022.

Ranieri Cayman 45.0 Cruiser

Ranieri’s family of Maxi Ribs had initially seen the Cayman 38.0 Executive debut, followed in 2019 by the Cayman 35.0. Five years have passed since the debut, but over time the number of owners has risen and so have the demands, particularly in terms of size. To satisfy increasingly demanding customers the yard is now ready to launch the new Ranieri Cayman 45.0 Cruiser. At 14 metres it will be the largest boat ever built by Ranieri International. Even in terms of power this Ranieri craft is preparing to be record-breaking: the test model will have a total of 1,350 horsepower provided by three Mercury 450R outboards.

Like all Ranieri International models, this new maxi-rib features the Fully – Developed Cockpit System technique, which consists of building the boat by grouping the deck, cabin floor, fuel tank, water tank and storage lockers in a single mould.

Ranieri Cayman 45.0 Cruiser – Deck

The design of this 14m boat provides a large sundeck at the stern with enough space underneath to accommodate a tender, motor and water toys. Proceeding towards the bow, the cockpit offers a double foldaway electric table. Those on board, depending on their needs, will decide whether to have a large table for eight people, a second sundeck in relation to the one at the stern or two seats facing the direction of travel. This area will be served by everything needed to make the day on the water top-notch, so presumably a galley, chopping board, fridge, etc. The helm station will feature a large seating area with four individual boolster systems with both seated and standing capability.

The Cayman 45.0 Cruiser is equipped as standard with a Hard-Top designed to protect the living area of the boat by creating a ‘permanent’ shaded area, but also to extend the deck area with the use of a canopy with carbon poles. In the bow, on the other hand, there is a chaise longue for two guests with the cup holders integrated into the upholstery and sundeck.

Ranieri Cayman 45.0 Cruiser – Lower Deck

The name clearly suggests that interior space plays a very important role in this project and the yard’s previews confirm this assumption. What is below deck on the Ranieri Cayman 45.0 Cruiser? The sleeping area has been designed for four people in two separate cabins, plus a toilet compartment with shower cubicle. Ranieri International has focused particularly on brightness on board, an essential element in making the interior of a motor yacht more liveable.

Ranieri Cayman 45.0 Cruiser – Performance

In terms of waterlines, the new Ranieri Cayman 45.0 Cruiser takes advantage of a new generation of hull on which new geometries have been used for the skids, some of which are ‘inverted’ to further enhance performance. For the first tests, as we anticipated earlier, three Mercury 450 hp engines will be used. As standard, there will be many features and at the same time there will also be many customization possibilities.

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