Cap Camarat 9 CC, the most adrenaline-pumping boat of 2018

What do you mean, “Fun Boat”? At the Best of Boats Awards a motorboat is “Best for Fun” when it is built for fun, to experience on your skin all the emotions that only the sea and what you can do at sea can give. Water sports from water-skiing to wakeboarding, “full throttle” sports driving, great control and versatility to become fishermen whenever you want. And in 2018 which boat has condensed all these points within its lines, to the point of deserving the title of “funniest” boat of 2018? One of Jeanneau’s latest innovations, Cap Camarat 9.0 CC. Let’s find out!

barche a motore cap camarat

Jeanneau Cap Camarat 9.0 CC

The flagship of Jeanneau’s center consoles is first and foremost a Med Boat. An elegant and versatile day cruiser, which allows you to embark in its 9.12 meters up to 11 people. Would you like to invite all your friends for a day of fishing or relaxing baths? You can do it without any problems and also be sure that they will not be bored. At the stern this boat can be fitted with a single 350 horsepower engine or a double 250 horsepower engine. The result is adrenaline with the advantage of having more stability and power in the case of the double. However, the “fishing” performance does not forget the family of the owner who perhaps prefers a cruise of a couple of days, based more on comfort than on performance. The choice of an outboard motorization on this 9-metre cruiser, in line with current trends, increases the space available below deck, with a double central bed and a separate toilet/shower compartment.

Versatile and elegant

There is no shortage of space at the stern and bow, with the right arrangements for cruising and fishing. The massive and protective steering console to which you can add the T-Top (optional) that really becomes a beautiful element of aesthetic distinction, as well as functional. One of the most salient features is the modularity and transformability of the deck with the bow and stern areas that, taking advantage of the many standard seats, can become large sunbathing areas, dinette for lunch and relaxation or remain free to leave room for the needs of those who fish.






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