Cantiere del Pardo acquires VanDutch

Cantiere del Pardo VanDutch

In the past few weeks, we have often had Fabio Planamente, CEO of Cantiere del Pardo. Among other things, he told us about the excellent moment of the shipyard. Cantiere del Pardo has officially acquired the Dutch brand VanDutch, famous for its iconic luxury open.

Pardo acquires Van Dutch

The entrance of Cantiere del Pardo, a few years ago, into the world of motors, did not go unnoticed. With one hundred (100) motorboats sold between Pardo 38, Pardo 43, and Pardo 50 in two years, the shipyard has been able to carve out a leading role for itself in this world.

VanDutch 55
VanDutch 55

What happens now

VanDutch boats will be built in the historical site of Cantiere del Pardo and will increase the already dense production of the Forlì shipyard. With this acquisition, the shipyard has made a strategic choice, strengthening its position in the high-end large open segment.

VanDutch’s history and style have been appreciated since its launch all over the world. From today to this will be added the Italian know-how. Not only in terms of the technical capacity to build the boats but also in terms of the means and the possibility that Cantiere del Pardo can provide. VanDutch can now count on a very big network of dealers (in Italy and abroad) that the Forlì shipyard, Cantiere del Pardo, has been able to create over time and continues to expand.

Three new VanDutch models are also coming in 2021.

About VanDutch

VanDutch’s story began in 2008 with the launch of a brand that quickly achieved global resonance. The launch in 2013 of the VanDutch 55 was greeted with many awards and this model quickly became a very successful model.  2020 is a year of great news: a vast collection of new products and special editions such as the SYE (Super Yacht Edition), the VanDutch 48 and the VanDutch 56.




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