Candela, the foiling electric boat with rough sea

foil boat with wave

Candela is one of the most famous electric foil boats in the world. The considerable cost, about 240,000 euros, has not prevented her to reach a remarkable success also in terms of sales with owners all over the world and various models sold. The first 10 produced in 2019 were sold out and by 2020 production should have reached 40 boats. Read our onboard test here.

How does the electric boat sail with foils with a wave of more than one meter?

In the meantime, many have wondered: “Yes, but when there is a bit of wave how do you navigate?”. In this short video we see Candela navigating with waves up to one meter and 20 centimeters according to what the shipyard reports. You can see how the boat in foiling navigation remains above the waves ensuring more comfortable navigation than a classic boat. In fact, in this way the pitching is significantly reduced in these conditions.

And if the conditions should get much worse? We assume that Candela, like most small open pleasure boats, is not designed for extreme sea conditions. However, if conditions should become prohibitive for safe foiling navigation the foil can be retracted, turning Candela into a normal boat.

It is very easy to handle

Why is it so easy to handle? It is always thanks to the software-hardware system created by the Swedish company. The driving position display, user interface of the entire boat, in addition to navigation data and cartography also shows the degrees of lateral and vertical inclination of the main foil. During take-off and landing, Candela adapts the position of the foils according to the position and condition of the boat. The pilot only has to manage the throttle. In short: you steer like any other boat.




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