Living on board, here are 4 boats to be comfortable and happy | Pt.2

vivere in barca

The late success of the trawlers in the Mediterranean was the subject of the first episode of the special trawler with four boats ideal for life on board (READ MORE).

Krogen 48 AE

The models of the US shipyard probably materialize the most genuine trawler design. An extraordinary displacing hull is combined with a small number of (spacious) cabins and a surprising amount of accessories and finishes. Style is 100& classic.

Loa: 16.15m; B.max: 5.07m; Displ: 25,605kg; Range: 6 knots autonomy 4,730 nautical miles; 9 knots autonomy 1390 nm

da/from: 1,500,000 € –

barche trawler


Grand Banks 52

Established in Hong Kong more than 50 years ago, Grand Banks is maybe the most popular trawler manufacturer in the Mediterranean. Largely inspired by fisherman boats, the Grand Banks 52 is a trawler with great performances. Top and cruising speed are 30 and 27 knots respectively.

Loa: 18,1m; B.max: 5.34m; Displ : 21,500 kg; Eng: Volvo D11; Engine max power: 2×725 hp

da/from: 1,700,000 € –

barche grand banks

Nordhavn 59

A semi-planing hull for a top speed of about 19 knots (perfect also for slower navigation) is combined with unmistakable classic lines. Characterized by a small number of cabins, interiors are as spacious as those of a beautiful beach house. An American elegant boat.

Loa:17.92m; B.max:5.18m; Displ:37.198 kg; Eng.: CumminsQSM11; Engine max power: 2×715 hp

da/from: 1,800,000 € –

barche nordhavn

Terranova 68

This is a clear example of how trawlers are increasingly more influenced by another category of boats: explorers. The two categories have many elements in common, including the “Portuguese bridge”, which consists of a sheltered walkway that envelopes the deckhouse. A semi-displacing hull guarantees good performances: cruising and top speed are 11 and 14 knots respectively. Sleeping quarters include 3 cabins and a crew cabin. Built in Italy, these boats are highly popular also in the States.

Loa: 20.05m; B.max: 5.90m; Displ: 48,000 kg; Engine: MAN R6; Engine max power: 2×680 hp

da/from: nd € –

barche terranova

Boats to live on : Trawler

Their original end use was completely different. The first trawler was built about 100 years ago and was a recreational version of the American fishing vessels. The hull was displacing, it could travel at 7-8 knots but it featured extraordinary seaworthiness and safety under any sea conditions. The first evolution affected interior layout that became less austere, with few cabins, a spacious “salon” and an amazing view on the sea. The second evolutive step focused on performances. Without compromising the original seaworthiness, the hull became semi-planing (able to touch up to 10-12 knots) or even planing ( 20-25 knots). The last evolutive step involved design. Softer lines were introduced, without losing the typical characteristics of “ boat-home”. As you can see on the following pages, bigger models are influenced by explorers, the big boats designed to travel all around the world.





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