Boats tested in 2018: the 1700 hp of Capelli Tempest 50

31 The Tempest 50 – 15 meters long, 4.20 beam and a weight of 9,000 kg – is aimed at those who want to have a means of support performing, comfortable and easy to use even without crew and … decidedly flashy. The four Yamaha XTOs, in fact, make this dinghy unique in its kind: a lot, a lot of power under the eyes of all.


Electric wheelhouse, first direct injection 4-stroke engine in the world with a considerable benefit on torque and consumption, very powerful alternator (42A at 1500 rpm), cooling air outlet of the alternator on the grille forwards (unusual position for an air outlet duct, but when the engine is raised, during non-use, rainwater is prevented from entering), two standard water pumps (one made of metal to make volume, one made of neoprene to make pressure), possibility to replace the oil of the foot without having to wing the boat (in fact, removing the calender, two “tubes” are prepared through which, creating a vacuum with the help of a pump, the foot is emptied of the old oil to replace it, using the other tube, with the new one). To those who were thinking of upgrading from the “old” 350 hp to the new 425 hp XTO we can say that it is completely feasible because the wheelbase and the drilling template are the same. The only possible problem is the homologation of the boat

Design of Tempest 50

Let’s get to the boat. The layout of the Tempest 50, signed by Roberto Curtò, wants to offer the customer the opportunity to have, even in a Day-Cruiser, the privacy that appreciates a boat owner of this size. The prototype we have tried is in fact proposed with two separate cabins, one forward and one in the middle of the boat, to have the utmost discretion on board even if accompanied by the crew.

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