EASY CRUISE – Four new boats from 5 to 6 meters


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Flipper 600 SC

This summer our boat, big or small it is, will be one of the safest and most comfortable places to respect the rules of social distancing. Check out our review of motorboats price-based to spend the best summer in the middle of the sea. Here are four new boats you can buy up to 30k euros.

Four new motorboats up to 30k euros

Ranieri International Shadow 19 (19,200 + VAT) + about 5-6,000 € for a 40 horsepower outboard.

To look at the Italian market the Shadow 19 is one of the evergreens by Ranieri International. A small cabin cruiser of 5.65 meters motorized from 40 to 140 horsepower, perfect for couples who want to spend the day at sea and maybe enjoy a few hours in the shade. From the version without a license (in Italy) with the 40 horsepower to the powerful solution with the 140 horsepower outboard. The Shadow line of Ranieri International is part of the Sundeck range of cabin boats.

LOA: 5.65 m – B.max: 2.20 m – Engine: 40-140 hp outboard


Ranieri Shadow 19

FLIPPER 600 SC (20,538 € + VAT) + about 8.000 € for an 80 hp outboard

A generous open (six and 10 meters) at a very attractive price. If you love fun and solid boats, this could be a good choice: Flipper 600 SC. A boat designed for the Mediterranean, but not only, is very versatile in all its parts. The hull allows you to be comfortable, but also to be safe when you push harder on the throttle. Starting from 80 horsepower engine, this boat can be equipped up to 150. Its practical layout offers various opportunities to make the most of the boat in the summer, with space for both bow and stern.

LOA: 6.10 m – B.max: 2.22 m – Engine: 80-150 hp

CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS AND CONTACTS info@bellacenteritalia.it.


IDEA MARINE 5.8 WA: (17,200 € + VAT) + about 5-6,000 € for a 40 horsepower outboard.

Boat of almost 6 meters walk-around, born from the hull of the Idea Marine 5.8 classic. Despite its small size, the boat has space on deck and also inside. A very versatile small cabin cruiser with two beds in the cabin, toilet compartment for privacy. At the bow there is a large sundeck while aft there is a large seat with a locker underneath. Motorized with a 40 horsepower can be carried without a license in Italy. Already in the basic version has many interesting accessories such as windscreen with stainless steel handrails, mechanical steering and internal and external cushions.

LOA: 5.80 m – B.max: 2.40 m – Engine: 40-130 hp outboard


idea 58 WA

Saxdor F200 G (22,140 € +IVA)

One of the big news of 2020, Saxdor 200 Sport is a 6-meter long outboard boat that in the basic version is equipped with a 100 horsepower Mercury outboard with which it reaches 34 knots of speed. It is the brainchild of Axopar’s volcanic designer, Sakari Mattila, who wants to create a fun boat for all budgets. In the basic version it looks like a big water scooter with an important sundeck at the bow. Configuring it with the many options available you can have a super-equipped boat at a very competitive price.  READ THE FULL ARTICLE

LOA: 5.94 m – B.max: 2.29 m – Engine: up to 150 hp outboard


Saxdor 200

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