Boats up to 11 metres: 5 new models with outboard engines

Fjord 38 Xpress
Fjord 38 Xpress

Why put outboards on board an 11-metre boat? Among the reasons are ease of maintenance and the space you gain without an engine room inside, the fact that more and more owners are asking for them and then the growing offer in terms of power of these marine engines.

This is why the shipyards have come up with so many new products. Let’s take a look at the most interesting ones to consider right now.

Motor boats 2021: 5 outboard boats of 11 metres

Parker Monaco 110 FLy

The Parker Monaco Flybridge is the evolution of the Monaco 110, named best family motorboat in 2018. This is an 11-metre boat with two outboard engines, an all-weather cruiser with remarkable performance. The first feature is that the outboards are covered by a sundeck. This solution makes them easily accessible, but it also muffles the noise a lot. The exterior design is racy, despite the flybridge.

You appreciate the space in the aft cockpit area. The large interior saloon has a full galley behind the rather bright helm station. Above the wheelhouse there is a window that allows even more light to enter the interior. On the right, the sofa and table can accommodate up to 5 or 6 people for dinner. By lowering the table this area becomes an additional bed.

Below deck there are two cabins: one in the bow, with windows in the side and another in the middle of the boat, on the right, with another double bed. There is also a bathroom on board with a separate shower cubicle.


LOA: 11.64 m – B.max 3.63 m – Draft: 0.48 m – Fuel: 700 l – Water: 200 l  –Berths: 2 – Passengers: 10 – Engine: 2 x 350 HP outboard – INFO:

Parker Monaco Flybridge
Parker Monaco 110 FLy

Bavaria Vida 33

The first day cruiser with a Bavaria outboard engine is called the Vida 33. It is built in two versions: an open version and a hard top version, which share the sporty hull design with recessed windows. The bow also offers two layout variations. The choice is between a flat foredeck with space for a generous sunbathing area and a forward lounge area with a cocktail table and space for up to six people.

The Bavaria Yachts development team designed the cockpit to be as habitable as possible and with plenty of space. On board there is therefore also as much use as possible. The L-shaped seating area with a large cockpit table on the starboard side invites guests to sit down for lunch.

Above deck, the double berth comes in very handy. The absence of an engine room means that there is plenty of space here that can be used to the full.


LOA: 11.08 m – B.max 3.43 m – Draft: 0.61 m – Fuel: 2×350 l – Water: 200 l  – Cabins/Bathrooms: 1/1 – Passengers: 10 – Engine: 2×150-2×200-2×250-2×300 HP outboard – INFO:

Bavaria Vida 33 HT con due fuoribordo
Bavaria Vida 33

Beneteau Antares 11 Fly

The new Beneteau Antares 11 Flybridge is a truly innovative 11-metre and is powered by outboard engines. It offers more space on board. In addition, the flybridge is a point on the boat from which to experience truly special emotions. The flybridge has a bridge to starboard. Two seats around a coffee table and two sundecks are very interesting solutions considering the space of an 11-metre. Options such as a bimini or solar panel can be added if desired.

On board it can accommodate up to 11 people. The cockpit and side decks are designed to make the living area of the boat comfortable and spacious. The Beneteau Antares 11 Flybridge also features a folding side wall. Once open it turns into a terrace overlooking the sea, making the cockpit more liveable with more space.

Inside there is a galley and the boat’s second wheelhouse, in addition to the one on the flybridge. The large windows offer a 360° view of the environment around the boat.

Look here the Beneteau Antares 11 Fly

LOA: 11.16 m – B.max 3.40 m – Displacement: 6.148 kg – Fuel: 2×400 l – Water: 200 l – Engine: 2×300 HP outboard – INFO:

beneteau antares 11 fly
Beneteau Antares 11 Fly

Fjord 38 Xpress

The Fjord 38 Xpress is one of the latest additions to the Fjord brand from Hanse, the nautical giant, in the highly successful and rapidly developing walk-around market.

Spending one or more nights on board is up to the owner, but there is a cabin available, although it is more suited to afternoon naps.

The Xpress version is equipped with outboard engines. One of the best configurations for this 38 is a Suzuki twin engine with the DF350A, the most powerful of the Japanese manufacturer and the only outboard (apart from the DF300, also Suzuki) with a double counterbalancing propeller. With this Suzuki configuration, the boat is fast, with a top speed of around 46 knots. The new Fjord hulls make the boat snappy, but also easy to manoeuvre.

Considering the size and the manoeuvring joysticks that are also available with outboards, the Fjord 38 Xpress is undoubtedly also suitable for an inexperienced owner.

Lifting the two seats further aft, you no longer have access to the engine room, but find a very large locker in which you can stow all the water toys.

If you want to spend a night out, there is also a cabin accessed from the port side of the console with a separate toilet.

Look here the Fjord 38 Xpress

LOA: 11.63 m – B.max 3.64 m – Draft: 0.94 m – Fuel: 758 l – Water: 200 l – Engine: 2×350 HP outboard – INFO:

Fjord 38 Xpress

Axopar 37

The optimal interpreter for all seasons, the crossover between open and closed boating. The hull and the engine, a twin 300 hp outboard, do not hide a boat for fun, especially in the “Spyder” version. The other two models available are the “Cabin” and the “Sun-top”. The more Mediterranean version, the Sun-top, is a boat that is suitable for all seasons, designed to be enjoyed on deck, with plenty of room for seating and a stern sun deck, all covered by a full-length T-top. In addition, there is a double seat in the bow. Despite this, the space and versatility of the fore and aft walkways is not compromised. Below deck there is also a cabin with a separate bathroom. The secret of the low average price for this model is due to the great engineering work and large-scale production.


LOA: 11.50 m – B.max: 3.35 m – Draft: 0.85 m – Passengers: 10-12 – Engine: up to 2x350hp – Max speed: 38-48 knots – Fuel: 730 l – INFO:

Axopar 37 sun top
Axopar 37 sun top




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