Electric boat with Rolls Royce “heart” flies at 40 knots


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“Once you have experienced the sea in a boat without noise and smoke, you can no longer go back”.

This is the dream of X Shore, a Swedish manufacturer of 100% electric boats, who will launch his latest creation, the Eelex 6500 created in collaboration with Rolls Royce, at the Boat Show in Dusseldorf – scheduled for 19-27 January 2019.

At 40 knots with the electric boat

Among the few e-boats, electric boats, capable of reaching 25 knots of cruising, the creations of X Shore can fly in total silence up to 40 knots. The Eelex 6500 will be available in two configurations of 6.5 and 8 meters, born from the 8000 Smögen Edition, the first prototype of the shipyard launched in 2018. The resistance is certainly not that of long cruises, but it is still interesting. With a single charge – without pushing hard – these boats can sail for about 100 nautical miles, around 185 km.

Once you’ve experienced the sea on a boat without noise or fumes, you can’t go back. It’s magic. – Konrad Bergström, founder of X Shore.

One of the strengths of this boat is the hull that has been optimized to the maximum for passage over water. This influences both the acceleration and the speed of the boat. The design is simple and elegant with a focus on practicality in navigation. Each X Shore boat also has a modular interior.

What about Rolls Royce?

To be at the forefront you have to work with the best, especially in the world of high technology. Among the greats in propeller and hydrodynamic design is Rolls Royce, who with over 50 years of experience in the sector has contributed to the development and development of X Shore boats in the Rolls Royce hydrodynamic centre, equipped with cavitation tunnels.

Along with Rolls Royce, Storebro, a boat manufacturer, has also worked with Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden, which is conducting research into the propulsion systems of the future to ensure faster and more energy-efficient hulls.

Your own hull? Do it online!

As soon as Eelex is launched, sales will begin. How will the first orders be? X Shore is ready to take the first orders of its two boat models with the online craft customizer, which is launched on the same day. Future owners will be able to build and order a boat on the X Shore website, counting around 10 weeks for delivery.



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