A boat cruise lengthens life: that’s what science says!

The sea has countless benefits for our body and our health. And what better way to stay in contact with the sea than by boat? A ten-year scientific study, which was published in the prestigious magazine Environmental Psychology and found by our friends from Sailsquare. Research has shown that there are 3 chemicals that are related to happiness and that are released from water:

  • asedopamine
  • serotonin
  • oxytocin.

And a happy life means a longer life. We can say it: boating makes life longer. This is, in five points, the reason for the beneficial effects of a cruise:


1. The sea relaxes us
According to one study, to calm down at the level of the subconscious, it is enough just to observe the sea: looking at images of a marine landscape, in fact, activates the parts of our brain associated with a positive attitude, emotional stability and the recovery of positive memories.

2. Natural landscapes invigorate the tired mind
Two variables were analysed in the study: the performance and concentration of two groups of students. One had been assigned rooms with sea view and another had been given rooms with urban views. The first group gave better results and also showed a greater capacity for attention.

3. Water makes you happy
According to answers sent during a study with the Mappiness application (more than a million responses), not only are people more serene when they are outdoors, but happier than 5.2% when they were near a body of water.

4. Sea air is healthy
It is a type of air that is rich in mineral salts, which our body is able to assimilate through breathing. Experts recommend that you breathe deeply in the brackish air, taking advantage of the moments when the sea is rough and the waves release more particles of sodium chloride, magnesium, iodine and potassium.

5. The color blue brings quiet and relief
The blue colour, from a physical point of view, slows down vegetative functions, such as heart, respiratory and blood pressure rhythms. Try to stay in a blue room, your heartbeats decrease while objects seem smaller and lighter. From a psychological point of view, it represents peace, contentment, inner harmony.

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