Big Game Lomac, the new generation fishing ribs

Lomac Big Game 760
Lomac Big Game 760

The next generation of the fishing rib boat has arrived, three new Big Game models Lomac. They start with the 540, 600, and 760, making their debut at the Venice Boat Show 2021. The new generation encompasses all three fishing techniques simultaneously in one boat: trolling, drifting, and spinning. When not fishing, the new interior layout is designed to quickly transform the boat into a family pleasure rib. In short, a complete fishing dinghy is also suitable for cruising. Is it the ultimate fishing rib boat? 

Lomac Big Game: the new Lomac fishing rib boats

Lomac BIG GAME 760, 600, and 540 are Lomac’s new fishing rib boats. They come to the market with a remarkable objective: to encompass all three fishing disciplines, whether trolling, drifting, or spinning, in a single boat. But that’s not all. In line with the trend for sport fishing boats also being suitable and comfortable for family cruise, these Lomac fishing rib boats will have a new configuration. This deck layout allows the Lomac Big Game inflatable boat to be quickly transformed into a family craft on which to spend pleasant summer days.

Big Game Lomac: the team

For the development of the new generation Big Game Lomac, Paolo and Fabrizio Lo Manto, owners of the yard, have collaborated with fisherman Diego Bedetti, a professional in various fishing techniques. In addition to Bedetti, Lomac has collaborated with Garmin Marine for the electronics and Mercury for the engine – making them the ultimate fishing machines.

Lomac at the Venice Boat Show 2021

On display, alongside these three novelties, will be other models from the Lomac family of inflatable boats: Adrenalina 10.5 60th Anniversary and Adrenalina 7.0, both belonging to the medium-high end of the market. These two rebels focus strongly on performance.

There will be also the Lomac 790 IN, a highly successful line characterized by space on board and designed for couples, families, and friends looking for a day at sea in comfort. Lomac will be at the Venice Boat Show in Piazzale della Campanella, pier P2 South.




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