Besenzoni special boat seats: “American Style”, but made in Italy

Foto d’archivio di alcune poltrone Besenzoni a Miami

Americans in terms of comfort are certainly among the most experienced. But how are the most popular boat seats in the States? We discover it with Besenzoni, one of the greats of the Made in Italy in boat accessories, who took part in the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, concluded yesterday, bringing two pilot seats designed specifically for the American market, in addition to the rest of the range.

Besenzoni and the two “American” seats

The P 338 Speciale helm seat, with its very wide seat, has been designed for total comfort, a feature which is highly appreciated and in demand in the U.S. market. The Speciale Version, in particular, has no armrests and is mounted on a polished stainless-steel support, with a manually-adjusted slide. The height is also adjusted manually, and can be raised and lowered within a span of 20 cm. The footrest is made of aluminium with rubber inserts, while the padding, stitching and fabric guarantee excellent comfort and durability.

P 338 Speciale Besenzoni
P 338 Speciale Besenzoni

The P 242 Seagull automatica seat is equipped with wide armrests, where controls or storage compartments can be inserted and accessed, and is fixed onto a very wide and resistant coated electrical support. The height, backrest angle and fore/aft slider are adjusted electronically. The seat is rotated manually up to 180° (90° clockwise and 90° counter-clockwise). The footrest is also adjusted manually. The standard upholstery fabrics that you can choose from are vinyl or leather. Additional options including logo embroidery, custom stitching and more are available on request.

P 242 Seagull Besenzoni
P 242 Seagull Besenzoni



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