Bertram Europe, a new division for the European market

Bertram is betting on Europe. Europeans and lovers of the legendary Bertram brand there is good news for you. The Italian tycoon Beniamino Gavio, 54 years old, owner of the US shipyard, has announced the creation of a new division Bertram Europe, to relaunch this historic shipyard in the Old World.

Bertram Europe, a dedicated division

Bertram’s strategy of penetration in Europe has its strong point in the completion and customization of the fittings that will be built in Italy at the La Spezia yard, while construction will always take place at the new shipyard in Tampa, Florida. This choice, in addition to adapting the product to the tastes of the European market, makes it possible to reduce the impact of customs duties imposed by the Trump administration.

Bertram 50 Europe

A big group behind

Beniamino Gavio, a great lover of boats and sea, is one of the great players in the nautical world (HERE ARE THE BOSS OF THE SHIPYARD), took over in 2015 the Bertram brand which was part of the Ferretti Group’s brands. In a few years Gavio revived Bertram after having previously also acquired Baglietto and Cerri.

His great passion for Bertram began when, with his father Marcellino, they sailed with these boats in Italy and the Mediterranean.

Beniamino Gavio Bertram

Gavio has on its side, compared to its competitors Azimut/Benetti and Sanlorenzo, the financial strength of its group which in 2018 had a turnover of 2.3 billion euros with a profit of 101.4 million. He is particularly attached to the Bertram brand that is also sponsor to the Italian basketball team Derthona Tortona.

Bertram 35 to attack Europe

The boat chosen for Bertram’s expansion in Europe is Bertram 35 (m. 10.70) born in 2016. This model revives the splendor of the mythical 31 of the 60s, which was a great success in the Mediterranean (BERTRAM 31). Still today wonderful 31, perfectly restored, sail mainly in Saint Tropez, Portofino and Sardinia.

The new Bertram 35 is a perfect timeless motorboat, with lines that echo the past with an ultra-technological heart. It reaches a maximum of 40 knots, made with the infusion technique, reinforced with Kevlar parts but, above all, it can be set up according to everyone’s tastes and needs.

The other models currently in production are the 50 (m. 16) and the 61 (m. 18.6) in pure US fisherman style, in direct competition with the Viking and Hatteras brand models.

Carlo Riva bought a Bertram for himself

Bertram’s history is an important part of the history of world boating. It is said that Carlo Riva, founder of the famous Italian brand, loved these American boats so much that he bought one to go on a long cruise in Greece. He liked them so much that a joint venture between Italians and Americans was born in the 70s. From this collaboration was created the famous 20 and 25 models that were called Riva Bertram.

Dick Bertram founded the shipyard in 1960. He had the great intuition to adopt the hulls designed by Raymond Hunt, deep V-shaped with sustenance skids. This kind of boat was able to face also rough seas.  They were copied from many yards around the world and are still used today.


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