Such a Bertram we had never seen. The 39 Center Console has arrived

Bertram 39 Center Console
Bertram 39 Center Console

What you see are the first ever photos of the Bertram 39 Center Console, Bertram’s 12-meter outboard. The design of this motor boat had been announced in 2020(read here) and today we can the result in the water. It is not Bertram’s first ever outboard boat, but it marks a momentous turning point for the type of boat. With the Betram 39 CC, in fact, the American shipyard marks its entry among Center Consoles, a segment where there is no shortage of competition. And not only for shipowners.

Bertram 39 Center Console

The Bertram 39 Center Console is, according to Bertram’s plans, the first in a series of outboard models from the shipyard. Obviously, the shipyard’s focuses have been performance and seaworthiness combined with the “fishability” (a boat with smart solutions for those fishing) that has made inboard models world famous. Attention is also paid to the interior, which, in line with the market, aims to offer the comfort of a pure cruiser.

The Bertram 39 CC has a trump card in comfort. About 12 meters long overall, it has a really important beam of almost four meters. The results can be seen, for example, in the helm station in addition to the helmsman’s seat there are three other chairs (four in total), with a very spacious cockpit behind them, as well as the interior.

Bertram 39 Center Console
Bertram 39 Center Console

Bertram 39 Center Console – For the discerning angler

Measuring just over 12 meters in length, the new Bertram outboard looks like a sturdy and therefore reliable boat. It was designed having always clear what the typical owner will be: the discerning sport fisherman. Equipped with a fully integrated hardtop and windshield, it can mount a tower as an optional accessory. On board we then find the standard 140-liter live tank and fishbox.

Bertram 39 Center Console – Motorization

Bertram comes to this segment later than other competitors, such as Vikings for example, which launched its range of Center Consoles – Valhalla Boats – several years ago. To develop this project Bertram decided to sign an exclusive agreement with Mercury. While waiting to know the actual data, we can refer to the hydrodynamic models that indicate that the maximum speed of the Bertram 39 CC as more than 50 knots with the standard motorization (3 300hp engines). Switching to the triple 400hp engine will exceed 55 knots. The top of the line are Mercury 450s outboards with which 60 knots should be exceeded.

Bertram 39 Center Console

The new boats will be equipped exclusively with Mercury engines, thanks to an exclusive technical and commercial partnership. The plan is to design 9 models in center console and dual console configurations between 28 feet and 50 feet over the next 4 years, and then add smaller models such as the popular 20-foot Sportsman.

Bertram 39 Center Console – Interior

What does the Betram 39 CC look like below deck? In line with the market, despite the sports car soul, the interior and trim are upscale. The interior style is characterized by light woods, fine and modern fabrics. The space is bright and large (thanks in part to the beam).

Bertram 39 Center Console


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