Bertram 31, the 9 meters boat that conquered the world

Bertram 31
Bertram 31

It was 1961 when a boat entered the American market to revolutionize the yachting world. Its secret lied in a deep V-hull that was something completely innovative for that time. We’re talking about the legendary Bertram 31. Today, after so many years, people go on hunting for an used Bertram.

Bertram 31

The Bertram 31 is often found in a Fly-Bridge Cruisers version. In addition to the V-hull, which is the key for the international success of this boat, the strengths of the boat include a large aft cockpit and a comfortable spacious cabin, which can easily be converted into a dinette.

But what are the real possibilities to buy one? We have interviewed Francesco Foppiano, one of the greatest Italian experts of vintage boats, with a predilection for the American ones. “The Bertram 31 has had unprecedented success. It is important to know that, if you want to buy used one, you should first inspect the whole boat. The price a Bertram 31 ranges from 20 thousand euros or even less for a “semi-wreck” to over € 100 thousand euros for a flawlessly refitted model”.

In many cases, boats are more than 40 years old since the Bertram 31 was built from 1961 to 1983.

“You must pay attention to the engine package – says Francesco – because the first models were fitted with petrol engines that were destined to a short life. Later, many owners opted for new engines but some models still have original engines. Interiors and fiberglass conditions, too, must be considered. They are quality boats, but they are also very old. If the fiberglass is ok, you must check bulkheads carefully. Don’t forget – he concludes – to check the state of the electrical system. It is difficult to make a completely original boat sail today”.

Bertram 31
Bertram 31

In her long history, Bertram 31 has fascinated thousands of boaters. Almost 2,000 boats are estimated to be in circulation around the world, one hundred of which in Italy. In addition to the 31, you can easily come across in other models such as the Bertram 28, 37 and 43. However, only the 31 was designed by Raymond Hunt, one of the greatest naval architects of all time.

BERTRAM 31 Loa: 9.66 m; B.max: 3.4 m; Draft: 0.94 m; Top speed: about 30 knots



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