Bertram 31 (9.6 m), the cult boat that is also a perfect used

Bertram 31
Bertram 31

Bertram 31 among cult used boats. It was 1961 when a boat arrived in America that was destined to revolutionize the world of boating. Its secret was a deep-V hull, which was a first for the time. We are talking about the legendary Bertram 31, today among the most sought-after used boats.

Used boats: everyone is crazy about the Bertram 31

Today, after so many years, the “hunt” for used Bertram is still on. But how do you go about getting one? We asked.
Francis Foppiano
, one of Italy’s leading experts on vintage boats, with a predilection for American ones. Bertram’s 31 is often found as Fly-Bridge Cruisers. In addition to the V-shaped hull, which has been a key player in this boat’s international success, highlights certainly include the large aft cockpit and the comfortable and spacious cabin, which can easily convert into a dinette.

“The Bertram 31 has been an unprecedented success. It is important to know – Francis explains – that in order to buy a used one, you cannot make assessments without inspecting the whole boat. The price range for a 31 starts at €20,000 or less for a “semi-relocated” but can easily exceed €100,000 for an impeccably refitted model.”.

Bertram 31
Bertram 31

In many cases they are, therefore, hulls more than 40 years old because the 31 was produced from 1961 to 1983. “You have to be careful about the engine,” Francis continued, “because initially they had gasoline engines that were intended to be short-lived. Later, many have opted for remotorizations, but it happens to find unsuitable engines on board.

Also watch out for the interior and the condition of the fiberglass. They are quality boats, but they are still very ve chie. If the fiberglass is then well put together, the bulkheads should be carefully checked. Don’t forget – concludes – To check the condition of the electrical system. It is difficult to make a completely original boat go today.”

Bertram 31: nearly 2,000 boats worldwide

In its long history this Bertram has fascinated thousands of boaters. There are an estimated nearly 2,000 boats in circulation worldwide, about a hundred of which are in Italy alone. In addition to this Bertram motor boat, going around the peninsula it is also easy to come across other models, such as the Bertram 28, 37 and 43. Of these, however, only 31 came from an original design by Raymond Hunt, one of the greatest naval architects ever.

Data sheet of used boats: BERTRAM 31

  • Loa: 9.66 m;
  • B.max: 3.4 m;
  • Draft: 0.94 m;
  • Top speed: about 30 knots



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